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August 24, 2005


Suicide Girls talks to ex-Swan Michael Gira about his record label (Young God Records) and his new album (The Angels of Light Sing Other People).

DRE: Do you feel that you’ve lightened at all as you’ve gotten older?

MG: I don’t know. Life’s very difficult for most of us. I have moments where I think it’s wonderful, and at other times it’s just grueling and hard. But I don’t think I’m so much different than most people in that way. The songs I wrote on this record are tributes to people and most of them friends. So in that sense, they’re generous and not fluff.

"After his iPod was crushed to death in his pocket, jammed against the handrail of one of those famously cramped Japanese commuter trains, one enterprising guy has taken protecting his iPod to the extreme: a veritable vault milled from solid aluminium."

Laura Veirs was Spin's "band of the day" yesterday (shouldn't that be "artist of the day?").

Seattle Weekly interviews Veirs.

If you had to be something other than a musician, what would you be?

Currently, I would be an Iditarod dog musher. We did this sea-kayaking day [in Alaska], and the leader was this guy who has not won the Iditarod but done well twice on it, and he had all these stories about these crystalline nights where the dogs are going crazy, going superfast, and there's northern lights everywhere, and your snot is freezing from the cold, but you're just high on life. And stories like that just make me get really excited.

Paste isn't overly impressed by John Vanderslice's new album, Pixel Revolt.

Not a man with a traditionally pleasing voice, Vanderslice still comes up with the occasional sneaky melody when he’s not sounding like the unfortunate cross between Conor Oberst and that baritone from the Crash Test Dummies.

The Guardian reminds us that author William S. Burroughs was also an artists, and it transformed him as a writer. gives the tracklist for the upcoming Propagandhi album, Potemkin City Limits.

The Complete Review lists literary blogs.

For the fashion-minded music lover, Kate Spade unveiled new iPod cases.

Nick Lachey (Mr. Jessica Simpson) is outraged by his alma mater and its treatment of basketball coach Bob Huggins.

The Onion AV Club reviews the New Pornographers' Twin Cinema.

Put together, it sounds like a blast of pure pop from somewhere beyond the stars.


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