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August 31, 2005


The Decemberists' have been added to the Live Music Archive. Live shows by the band will be available soon.

John Vanderslice is interviewed by SFist.

Is in your music been inspired by San Francisco?

Oh yeah, there are three songs on my new record specifically about San Francisco: "New Zealand Pines" takes place in the Strybing Arboretum "Dead Slate Pacific" is about the Bay and "Golden Gate" wonders why we have the world's leading suicide location.

Teaching The Indie Kids To Dance Again has moved to its own domain, stop by and drop off a housewarming gift to one of my favorite music blogs.

Coolfer defends the album.

Better than the single or EP, the album portrays all a band’s strengths, moods, conflicts and thoughts. If a band is one-dimensional and shallow then by all means let’s relegate it to a career of one-offs. If a band is genuinely good it shouldn’t stop at an EP, it needs to offer more to listeners.

Preach on, brother Glenn...

Dungen's Gustav Ejstes talks to Popmatters.

"Of course, the lyrics I use in my songs mean something to me," he says. "But the sound of it should be the whole thing. I'm not a Bob Dylan. In music, the whole thing is the drums, the guitars, the bass; the vocals are just another instrument that adds harmony and a vibe to it all. Of course the lyrics are important to me but they're not that important that everyone must understand what I sing about."

Locus Online charts SFFH books on the bestseller lists.

The Minneapolis City Pages reviews the Minutemen documentary, We Jam Econo: The Story of the Minutemen.

Seattle Weekly makes their picks for this week's Bumbershoot Festival.

Kinski talks to Seattle Weekly.

Seattle Weekly: Do you guys improvise much on your new album, Alpine Static [Sub Pop]?

Chris Martin (guitar): Normally the band jams on a riff or basic structure, and then everything gets rearranged. So it's a combination of traditional songwriting and improvising around those ideas.

The Fauquier Times-Democrat talks to vinyl collectors.


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