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September 3, 2005


After seeing the television movie "Oil Storm" mentioned at Syntax of Things, I managed to borrow a copy and watch it last night. Substitute New Orleans for the movie's Houston, and it is oddly prescient.

Kanye West speaks out at NBC's Hurricane Katrina benefit concert.

Stream his comments.

Giant magazine is seeking people who bought the original iPod the day it was released.

Indieum is another mp3 aggregator, billing itself as "the indie music aggregator."

William and Mary's The Flat Hat reviews Sufjan Stevens' Illinois.

Sufjan’s magical, airy voice hovers in the tonal aerosphere while everything from banjos, cellos, guitars and flutes saturate the sound waves. This lush production, replete with horn sections, feeds into the grandeur of the album.

The Guardian remembers the first gonzo journalists.

The Telegraph eulogizes R.L. Burnside.

Maxïmo Park's Paul Smith talks to the Telegraph.

"As an entertainer, I don't see a disparity between what I do on stage and the very true personal emotions that ground our songs."

DaimlerChrysler is in the music business with the single "Unleashed" from a recent Charger ad.

The Mobius Band's Peter Sax talks to the Boston Herald.

"We detest most things '80s," a seething Sax said. "We definitely do not want to be lumped in with any trend. I don't go to electro-clash dance parties in a ripped T-shirt and do blow."

The Spinto Band's new album, Nice and Nicely Done, gets a good review in the Village Voice.

First time I saw Spinto Band I wondered if Ric Ocasek had seen the Strokes on TRL, decided the world needed a more exuberant brand of new wave pep, grabbed six of his children, threw instruments on them, and made them practice until their fingers were sore and Tito had to fetch a switch.


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