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September 4, 2005


Several artists at CD baby are donating all profits from their CD sales to the Red Cross.

Patterson Hood of the Drive-By Truckers talks to Scotland on Sunday.

"It (the band's Southern Rock Opera album) in no way denies the horrible things that happened in the South during the civil rights struggle," says Hood. "The KKK and church bombings - all of those things did happen, but at the same time there were people like my father making Aretha Franklin records, these southern white boys who made their living playing on some of the best soul records ever made."

Hollis Gillespie is the latest author to be compared to David Sedaris in this Indianapolis Star review for her book, Confessions of a Recovering Slut and Other Love Stories.

Jay Farrar talks to the San Francisco Chronicle.

"It's not like I want to be a boxed in as a political songwriter, but it's hard to think about those issues and not have them find their way into my writing."

The Chicago Sun-Times previews the Guided By Voices final show DVD.

US News and World Report announces that the concept album is back.

The Houston Chronicle examines alternative outlets for music sales.

Music buyers now encounter new songs in a bewildering array of places: at retail outlets like Starbucks and Whole Foods; at online sellers such as iTunes and Amazon; on magazine-y Web sites like Pitchfork; on satellite and Internet radio; by podcasting; from independent record companies, some of them owned by artists; and even at the hands of those old standbys, in record stores, from friends and from the artists themselves.

MIA talks to the Observer.

"I was a refugee because of war and now I have a voice in a time when war is the most invested thing on the planet. What I thought I should do with this record is make every refugee kid that came over after me have something to feel good about."

Alex Chilton is still missing in New Orleans.

Slate profiles author Ray Bradbury.

Games I Have Enjoyed lists game music he has enjoyed.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is profiled in Newsweek.

Today's Lunar Park review:

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: "Ellis masterfully blurs the line between fact and fiction in a novel that simultaneously entertains and provokes."

The Grand Rapids Press: "Ellis sparkles, however, as a satirist. His descriptions of the minutiae of suburban living and the modern form of aggressive super-parenting are wickedly incisive."

Bret Easton Ellis does interviews for the book:

Santa Cruz Sentinel: "I totally relate to Tom Cruise," Ellis said. "He’s not crazy, it’s just the litany of the mid-life crisis."

The Buffalo News: "I think the horror genre is considered a degrading genre, and critics like to prove that they're smarter than that. But it's a good theory, and it's playing itself out now."

Hard-Fi frontman Richard Archer talks to BBC News.

"When you think we made the album (Stars of CCTv) for £300, it's a vindication of what we've done," Archer says. "Our recording budget is Coldplay's macrobiotic yoghurt budget."


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