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September 20, 2005


The dB's reunite tonight for a show at maxwell's in Hoboken.

The Dandy Warhols talk to the Independent.

The Magic Numbers talk to Mail & Guardian Online.

"People are only just discovering our dark side," enthuses Angela. "It's in the music. They may have brought the album because they could sing along to Forever Lost, but when you get to the rest of the songs, you realise we're about so much more than just being happy on a sunny day. There's lots of sadness and pain in there too."

Billboard profiles Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's distribution deal with Warner Music Group's Alternative Distribution Alliance.

Gelf Magazine interviews author Neal Pollack.

GM: What sports coverage do you like?

NP: There’s Inside the NBA, which is one of the best shows on television. I mean, Charles Barkley is to sports broadcasting what Seinfeld was to sitcoms: There will never be another. His opinions are interesting, he’s hilarious, he says the wrong things, but he makes them sound right anyway. Bill Simmons, the Sports Guy on is interesting. But I have sort of noticed that goodsports writing—that there are a lot of good blogs, really entertaining sports blogs out there.

The Stills' Oliver Crowe talks to Chartattack.

"We’ve definitely stepped away from that ‘80s delay arpeggio thing, which at the time we were really into, but then after we released Logic [Will Break Your Heart], 17 bands put out a record like that and we found ourselves in this big hunk of bands like The Killers and The Bravery, somehow," Crowe says. "For this record, Dave was listening to a lot of John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band, The Band, older shit. It’s more of a rock record."

Billboard reviews Sufjan Stevens' Chicago show.

Playing before a crowd that made him and the band feel (in Stevens' words) "like kings and queens," Stevens stuck entirely to his current project, offering gentle folk ruminations on state history and ably tackling the tricky odd-tempo pieces reminiscent of minimalists such as Steve Reich and whimsical acts like the Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

Apple is cracking down on websites that use the term "iPod" in their domain names.

"Do Not Go Gentle Into that Good Night," by Dylan Thomas.

Orlando's Anti Pop Music Festival starts with Ambulance, LTD and ends with John Vanderslice, not a bad lineup at all.


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