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September 23, 2005


The Decemberists' Colin Meloy talks to the Louisville Courier-Journal.

One of the brightest, bounciest songs off Picaresque, the Decemberists' third album, is "Sixteen Military Wives," which tackles the war in Iraq through the eyes of the soldiers, their loved ones and the pundits debating their actions.

"It's definitely one of our most topical songs," Meloy said. "There really is a lot of contemporary subject matter in all our songs; it just tends to get overshadowed by people glomming onto the 'legionnaires' and 'chimbley sweeps.' "

Sufjan Stevens talks to the Washington Post.

"The music industry has sort of systemized song and art in a real mechanized way, and while it's sad that the industry is in decline because of the Internet and downloading, it's exciting because it's empowering songwriters with a particular vision and voice, creating a whole new level of interest for unique songwriting."

Stylus lists "the top ten people who should have been drafted into the Wu Tang Clan."

Buy a Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) sketch for $10 plus shipping (cheaper than his $900 guitars at Orange Twin).

Zembla is a site dedicated to the life and works of "author, translator and lepidopterist" Vladimir Nabokov.

Howe Gelb of Giant Sand talks to the Age.

"One of the problems when the band split into Calexico and Giant Sand," Gelb says, "was that the agenda became weirdly competitive and it kind of bummed me out. It de-inspired me.

"I never had a competitive nature. I don't like the whole notion of one guy having to lose out and one guy winning. There's something overtly sad about that. I think there's ways to go about it where that doesn't come into play."

Former Stone Roses member Ian Brown talks to the Guardian.

There have been so many rumours of the Roses reforming. But Brown says it would be pointless. Somehow, as a solo artist, he has avoided Devilsville, so why risk a return by reforming the Roses? "It's like a girl I used to love, man, and then she just binned me overnight. I've forgot about her. I've met another one. I've met a more beautiful one."

The University of Chicago will hold a memorial for author Saul Bellow on September 27th.

The Berkshire Eagle lists "bands to watch."

Business Week breaks down Apple's costs of the iPod nano.

Make a Katamari Damacy iPod sock.

Wikipedia lists Booker Prize winners and shortlisted authors.

No Love For Ned features Mike Ferraro as an in-studio guest on this week's installment of the streaming radio show.


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