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September 27, 2005


The Boston Globe interviews Salman Rushdie.

Q. What's the artist's role in the war on terror?

A. I guess to increase comprehension and understanding of people whose realities are very different than one's own. One of the great pleasures of reading is to read books from elsewhere. For example, I used to be quite affected by Russian literature. I hardly spent any time there, but I felt like I had because I read so many Russian writers.

Popmatters examines the Malaysian indie music scene.

The Austin City Limits Festival plans to keep the dust down next year.

Wired News proclaims that the podcasting goldrush is on. (For the record, the only podcasts I listen to regularly are Dailysonic and Crohn's Talk).

Remember to celebrate Banned Books Week. reviews the new Kelpie record (officially out today).

The majority of "Hey Friends, It's Kelpie!" sounds like Steely Dan playing a game of red light/green light with The New Pornographers, maniacally flashing red cards every time the other hits on a hook.

BitTorrent, the company founded by Bram Cohen, has raised $8.75 million in venture capital.

The Christian Science Monitor lists cookbooks that "mix culinary and literary pleasures."

Blambot offers digital comic fonts, many are even free.

Wired News confirms the obvious, we still love Katamari.

IGN offers a walkthrough of We Love Katamari.

Oprah will back "The Color Purple" a musical adaptation of Alice Walker's book of the same name.

Loosie interviews MF Doom (the first part of a two part series).

So how does DangerDoom tie in with Adult Swim?

Those are our peoples. The way they do it creatively and the way they spin it, it’s similar to how we spin it. We all laugh at the same jokes and shit. The humor side of it. One of the key points, on Aqua Team in particular, your man Karl, dude sometimes be talking about Rap or Hip-Hop and how it’s corny or bubblegum music. He’s giggin’ on them a little bit. So kinda I played off that a little bit, like I’m an emcee and I’m giggin’ on it too like, “Yeah, the shit is corny now, they got it on TV.” But at the same time, I’m rhyming and it’s straight Hip-Hop shit. It’s almost contradicting itself, one of those slight, funny contradictions.


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