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October 4, 2005


Tha Magic Numbers are Spin's band of the day.

Andrea Levy's novel, Small Island, was named the Orange prize winner of the past ten years.

If you missed the ACL Music Festival this year due to inclement weather (or any other reason), this message from the ACL Festival's site should be of interest:

If you have any ticket-related issues from the 2005 ACL Festival, please email us at All inquires must be received in writing, to the aforementioned email address, no later than October 7, 2005. We will respond to every request within four weeks.

Please pass the word...

The Times Online interviews author Bret Easton Ellis.

"I think when you become famous something is flash-frozen in a way and you stay at that age for a long time. I dealt with a lot of things in my twenties and thirties as a 21-year-old man. But I think life ultimately forces you to move on. You face things that mature you."

My Morning jacket talks to Popmatters about the band's new album, Z (out today).

The Raleigh News & Observer calls author Salman Rushdie "literature's brilliant troublemaker" in its review of his latest novel, Shalimar the Clown.

The New York Times reviews Across the Narrows.

Stylus lists the top 50 movies of the new millenium.

Minnesota Public Radio's The Current has some interesting streaming in-studio performances.

AskMetafilter lists favorite music playlists.

Playlist offers fashion statements for your iPod.

AP reports that digital music sales now make up 6% of the global music market.

Time interviews Steve Gottlieb, CEO of TVT Records.

TIME: Why are you teaming up with other independent labels?

GOTTLIEB: I was motivated to combat the unfairness of online music services towards indies. With the consolidation of the major labels, the independent sector is bigger than ever before, and we need to channel this power.

Comic icon Harvey Pekar talks to the New York Daily News.

"I could be a way-worse person than I am," he says. "I realize that I'm pretty flawed, but you know — I haven't killed anybody yet."


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