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October 8, 2005


No Love For Ned has Portland's Minmae as an in-studio guest this week on his streaming radio show.

Leslie Feist talks to the Calgary Sun.

"I'm going to record half the time and tour half the time and then hit the ground running ... with hopes that people will be listening as well as they're listening now, because it's kind of astounding," she says. "You know as well as I do that it's been a long time that I've been playing and now it's under very different circumstances than ever before. It's just astounding."

The Globe and Mail reviews her Vancouver performance

Author Zadie Smith talks to the Boston Globe about her latest novel, On Beauty.

"At times, it feels like you can't be a writer amongst writers," she said. "My fantasy when I was a kid was that I was going to be in a gang of writers, and we'd all know each other, and that's of course not how it worked out."

Liz Phair talks to Newsday.

Phair says she understood fans' cries of "Judas," but couldn't believe that the accusations dragged on. "I felt like I should get these people a therapist," she says. "It's only music."

The St. Petersburg Times also interviews the singer-songwriter.

Author Jennifer Weiner talks about the "chick-lit" label.

"Do I spend a lot of time wishing I was taken as seriously as Jonathan Safran Foer? Probably too much time, but not a whole lot," she says.

"It's really none of my business what they want to call (my books) in the marketplace, as long as readers know what I'm doing and are connecting with it."

Rock icon Patti Smith talks to the Oregonian.

"I'm sort of old-fashioned," she says. "For me, a great evening is reading 'Moby-Dick' and listening to 'La Traviata,' maybe with a little laundry thrown in. I'm still caught in the 19th century."

iPod Scrubs offers flipbook-like animations for your iPod Photo.

Author Jeff Noon lists his ten favorite books in the Guardian.

The San Jose Mercury News wonders how the iPod will become more of a social tool in the future.

Buy the Paul McCartney signature Lexus.

Playlist lists iPod nano cases.

Add a Gmail delete button to Firefox with this extension.

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