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October 12, 2005


Lossless offers videos of Haruki Murakami's recent reading at MIT.

Wired news covers Apple's hype-building for the video iPod.

The Onion A.V. Club interviews actor Chris Elliot, one of the funniest men on the planet (according to me).

Popmatters searches out films and books for Halloween.

Ear Farm lists its top ten NYC live music venues.

Stylus examines why bands "sell out."

Booker Prize winning author John Banville talks to the Guardian.

The Sea, says Banville, "is not the normal kind of Booker book", and he hopes its success will send a long-overdue message to publishers that "literary fiction can make money. That's very important in this image-obsessed age."

Nada Surf drummer Ira Elliot talks to New City Chicago about the band's label change from Elektra to Barsuk.

"We knew our best stuff was yet to come. We weren't gonna be taken out by the corporations, not the likes of Elektra, f*ck that. We kind of came back from the dead."

Dave Eggers talks to the Guardian about underpaid teachers.

"There's more restrictions," he says. "They make them teach for the test, which combined with less pay and less creativity [means] you attract a different crowd. The person that goes into teaching now, with the average starting salary of $26,000 ... you have a lot of saints, who maybe otherwise would go into the priesthood or a nunnery."

Fluxblog gets some nice mentions in this Village Voice blog post about the United States of Electronica.

PaperBackSwap is an interesting way to recycle your books and find some more to read. Check it out while membership is free, all you currently pay is shipping for the books you send.

Newsweek profiles Franz Ferdinand.

Stream the new Strokes single, "Juice Box."

The Daily Page interviews author Audrey Niffenegger.

Spin's band of the day is The Long Winters.


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