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October 15, 2005


Harmonium flies around the mp3 blogosphere in 80 seconds.

Propaghandi talks to the Winnipeg Sun.

"I think some people, especially in music, can get very self-important and diluted about how important it is for people to hear what they have to say or do and they forget that they're in this world we live in, and there is a very real chance of doing more damage to the ideas you're trying to get across as there is in actually helping what you're trying to say."

The Globe and Mail profiles Smoosh.

Onstage, Chloe drums better than The White Stripes's Meg White while Asya channels a chipmunk Tori Amos as she plays keyboards and sings emotional rock songs, adorable raps and self-aware ballads. The crowd cheers enthusiastically, even if, as Chloe noted earlier, adults "don't dance much."

Plan B goes to a Silver Jews Play starring David Berman, Will Oldham and Jon Tully.

Oh well, I guess Berman will outlast Jandek. There’s something to be said for persistence (or is it consistency?). But I can’t wait to hear the new album.

Poem of the day: "American Football" by Harold Pinter.

Death Cab for Cutie's Chris walla talks to Chartattack.

"It was kinda crazy," says Walla. "We had 40 times as much money [as before]. It was one of those deal points, here's how much money you get to make a record. Maybe we should have bought an island. We treated ourselves well, but we were really sensible.

"Having a budget 10 times the size doesn't equal a record that's 10 times as good," says the guitarist and Plans' producer. "I think there comes a point where there's an inverse correlation, and fortunately we didn't even get close to using all the cash."

The Village Voice profiles Brooklyn's Oneida.

Greg Dulli talks to Billboard about self-releasing his latest album, Amber Headlights.

"As far as the major-label infrastructure," Dulli says, "where everything is billed back to you, from videos to phone calls to Fed Exes? Shame on them. The chickens are coming home to roost, as far as the majors go. With the Internet and iTunes and the various doppelgangers that have spawned, I don't think you can stop anybody now. Anybody can be Ani DiFranco today."

Arabized Simpsons not getting many laughs.

Popmatters examines the indie metal resurgence.


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