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October 17, 2005


One of my wife's clients gifted us with eleven boxes of books last week, and we're sharing the bounty at PaperBackSwap and Bookcrossing. I posted 87 books at PaperBackSwap this weekend (and have already shipped fifteen), and my wife has added many books to her office Bookcrossing selection.

Leslie Feist talks to the Toronto Sun.

"I've always appreciated mistakes rather than perfection, you know. I don't trust anything that's too perfect," said Feist. "And there's an old expression, 'The better the voice, the less you can trust what they say.' In a way, all of these glossed up, groomed, teen idol TV shows that put these people in bizarre strait-jackets of perfection, is just so uninteresting, I suppose I have always ridden on the steam of the bumpy gravel road, rather than something really sleek and steady."

The Badger Herald reviews my favorite graphic novel of the year, David B.'s Epileptic.

The Hartford Courant profiles a book club with an online component.

Popmatters examines recent television and film soundtracks.

Stylus plays god with The Verve's Urban Hymns album.

Newsweek examines how record labels are fighting piracy.

Matt Friedberger of the Fiery Furnaces talks to the Daily Scotsman about the band's current tour.

The band is currently touring the US with an idiosyncratic recreation of the album which sadly does not involve Sarantos. Instead, Matt plays the part of his grandmother.

"The record lasts 58 minutes and we play it in about 32 minutes in this bombastic rock'n'roll way that hopefully is amusing," he says. "There's a lot of drum fills and synthesiser runs. I like to pretend we are playing Tommy."

Time magazine is listing their 100 best novels (since 1923) in their October 24th issue. The complete list.

Booker Prize winning author John Banville recounts his historic week for the Telegraph.


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