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October 19, 2005


Popmatters asks, "If hip-hop can be color blind, why do rock concerts still seem segregated?"

see also: "The Only Black Guy at the Indie-Rock Show" (mp3 link) by the Cocker Spaniels

Stylus finds a perfect moment in pop in the Silver Jews "Random Rules."

The Posies talk to Paste about the band's reunion.

"We actually consciously made an effort on certain days to say, 'What haven’t we done before? Let's try and write something like we haven't. [Let's] do this different genre or style, or something to emulate this thing,' which is a first. But we're not going to, like, write some kind of bluegrass record."

Indie Interviews sits down with Alec Ounsworth of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah in this week's podcast.

Stream video from Joanna Newsom's Birmongham performance last year.

The New York Times reviews the new iPod.

Watching iPodvision also requires one free hand to hold the device, which feels awkward after a while. Remember, too, that in urban settings, where iPods are muggers’ favorite delicacies, you have to hold the thing out in full view.

You feel like you're wearing a bumper sticker that says: "I’m an idiot. Rob me."

The XBOX 360 will support AAC music files, but not those bought from iTunes.

The Salt Lake Tribune lists the 25 most important Sundance films.

Billboard reviews the new Clientele album, Strange Geometry.

Not exactly body-moving anthems, but in terms of songwriting and presentation, the Clientele is probably the U.K.'s best export at the moment, albeit the quietest.

Seattle Weekly plays Jukebox Jury with the Posies.

Futurama mp3 clips

The Mountain Goats' John Darnielle shares his crushes with Nerve. (Lalitree deserves a heart, too)

A librarian wonders what the future of music holds for our libraries.

Indian H-1B visa holders make "curry rock."

Soft Skull Press has started a blog.

If you are a Drive-By Truckers fan, add yourself to the fan map.


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