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October 20, 2005


Jenny Lewis talks to about her solo album, due January 24th, and specifically, her cover of the Traveling Wilburys "Handle With Care," featuring Ben Gibbard and Conor Oberst.

"This album is basically me paying homage to all my inspirations. I used to have a 'no covers' policy in Rilo Kiley, which I guess was me being stubborn," Lewis said. "I've always loved the Traveling Wilburys, and I thought about who could sing the different parts. And I thought, well, Ben could play Roy, because his voice is so pure and beautiful, and of course I thought of Conor doing the Dylan part, which I think is pretty awesome and humorous in its own right."

Arlen Thompson of Wolf Parade talks to the Hartford Advocate.

"All press is good press," Thompson says with a sigh. "Do you believe that?" Surely events have gotten off the ground by word of mouth, without the approval of the mainstream press. "I'm kind of an advocate of that, too," Thompson says, "which makes all the actual press seem a little more hilarious."

Mac McCaughan of Portastatic and Superchunk answers a list of questions for the Houston Chronicle.

Q: We love/hate the '80s because . . .

A: Who is this "we?" I love the '80s because there were some life-changing records made in the '80's by some life-changing bands, and I was lucky enough to see some of them live. The worst thing about the '80s of course is the fact that it was the era of deregulation and the Reagan administration, and lots of poor people got a lot poorer as a result. We're still living with the consequences of his disastrous policies.

Spin's band of the day is the Eames Era.

Azure Ray's Orenda Fink talks to Flagpole about her solo album.

"I was coming to a crossroads," Fink explains, "Maria and I weren't writing together for these albums and I needed music that would excite me and that would be exciting to play live."

The Patriot Ledger explores intentionally mislabeled music as a PR devise, and quotes Glenn Coolfer in the process.

"It does seem to go against a very basic code of conduct,’’ he said. ‘‘How can you be sure you’re downloading what you think you’re downloading? And yes, it is clever. At some point, though, it will cease being clever and bands will find a new way to be heard."

The New Haven Advocate profiles "the most feared book critic in the world," Michiko Kakutani.

Craig Finn of the Hold Steady talks to Tucson Weekly.

"In indie rock there's this sort of elitest thing. Most people who have heard of us already are not going to hear about us at Target, nor are they buying their music at Target," said Finn. "I don't want to get into a situation at any point where it's like if you don't read Pitchfork then you can't hear about us, because that's not where we're coming from."

East Bay Express interviews Half-Handed Cloud's John Ringhofer, and he talks about his friend and co-contributor, Sufjan Stevens.

Meanwhile, in interviews Sufjan adopts an ultra-erudite professorial tone, grimly discussing Saul Bellow and the depths of his research into Illinois arcana as though uncomprehending of the ridiculousness of it all. ("He's really sarcastic," John notes of Sufjan's off-the-record persona.)

Jam! reviews Bret Easton Ellis's lates novel, Lunar Park.

And while there are bits in the novel's early goings that are compulsively entertaining (an opening chapter in which Ellis agrees with most of his critics' slings, followed by a celebrity-studded party in which he trades lines, literally and figuratively, with fellow writer Jay McInerney come to mind), as "Lunar Park" unfolds, readers will pleasantly discover that the 41-year-old has unearthed a whole new bag of literary tricks.

iLounge offers the top ten things techies want to know about the 5G iPods.

Brad Shoup explores "selling out" for Stylus.

I have yet to see a live NHL game this year, either in person or on television. My local cable provider replaced the Outdoor Life Network with the Soap Opera Network a month ago, but given the rules changes to pretty up the game, I guess there's not too much difference than Dynasty reruns and the Habs versus the Flyers.

SmashMyiPod has collected $400 dollars for an iPod to smash (while videotaping the event, of course).


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