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October 21, 2005


Episode 10 of the Bat Segundo Show has author T.C. Boyle sitting in for an interview.

Australia's The Age takes issue with department store band t-shirts.

In America, Kmart has launched a new initiative: fully licensed reproductions of original tour T-shirts that come with notes on the band. So you can wear the original Led Zep '77 US tour tee and drop dinner party convo about "that" mud shark incident - what larks! It should be a step in the right direction, but don't they realise "New and Authentic Rocker Tees!" is an oxymoron? And Kmart?

Singer-songwriter-producer John Vanderslice talks to the Tallahassee Democrat.

"I really wanted to make a more personal record this time," Vanderslice said. "I had been working on (close friend) John Darnielle's 'Sunset Tree' (at Vanderslice's Tiny Telephone studio in San Francisco). He was really pushing me to become more personal in my songwriting.

"I watched him make his first real confessional album and saw how it affected him. It made me bolder."

Financial Times examines authors putting themselves into their novels.

As novelists insert themselves and the events of their lives more and more into the pages of their fiction and memoirists fictionalise their own role, the boundaries between truth and make-believe are blurring.

The Guardian reviews the Fiery Furnaces new album, giving Rehearsing My Choir 4 out of 5 stars.

It's not pop. It's not rock. It's just a stack-shoed step from Tommy in terms of pomposity. But it's an absolute joy.

The New Pornographers Carl Newman talks to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

"We always knew it was going to be difficult for this band to function as a touring band. But we've made it work any way we can, because we have a good time."

The Cardigans talk to the Independent about their new album, Super Extra Gravity.

"There were plenty of rock bands in Jonkoping, but they were all singing about Jesus, which we found hugely unattractive," says Persson.

"If you weren't into religion there was nothing else to do," adds Svensson. "That gave us a real incentive to form a band and play our own music on a Friday night, while everybody else was at church."

Drive-By Trucker Patterson Hood tells Billboard to expect the band's next album next spring.

"Most everything on it is real new," he tells "Lord knows I've got a backlog of songs, but when we went into the studio I pretty much ignored it. Everything else we've written since we started recording."

The Telegraph ponders reader-friendly versions of classic literature.

Adult content begins to surface for the new video iPod.

Listen to live performances from Amusement Parks on Fire, Death Cab for Cutie (x2), and John Parish (thx to Live Net Music for the heads up).

Paste's Rock 'N Reel Festival is this weekend in Decatur, Georgia. The event combines a film festival with performances by Over the Rhine, Mark Olson & Victoria Williams, Low and others.

Free Albums Galore links to a free and legal album download or mix every day.

Stream the new Nethers album, In Fields We Will Lie.


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