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November 2, 2005


Grimey's in Nashville is holding a Guided By Voices final show DVD screening party on November 15th (my birthday), complete with Teenage FBI, a GBV cover band.

Speaking of the anniversary of my birth, there is still time to help my wife pick out presents.

The Tufts Daily is not impressed with the new Fiery Furnaces release, .

The Furnaces try their best to salvage some shred of musicality in "Rehearsing My Choir" by sloppily attempting to include Matthew's instrumental fiddlings throughout the tracks. Most of time, though, the music merely reflects the sentiment of the narrative - a melancholy organ connotes nostalgia for the past in "We Wrote Letters Everyday," and pensive piano recreates a solemn feel in the funereal "Does It Remind You of When."

Philadelphia Weekly lists local bands in their cover story on local independent music.

USA Today gives short reviews of some of this year's tribute albums.

Seattle Weekly plays Jukebox Jury with Carla DeSantis of Rockgrl magazine.

Gothamist reviews the Mountain Goats' Knitting Factory show.

I love this band and all, but I cannot consider myself anything but a passing fan compared to the other people in attendance. Darnielle has written literally hundreds of songs, and it seemed like the majority of the audience knew every word of every song he played. Many dressed up in costumes representing their favorite tune, hoping John would take notice and play it for them. It was quite endearing, if not bordering a bit on obsession. I’ll take a fanatic audience over an indifferent one any day of the week.

Stylus reappraises Husker Du's New Day Rising.

Slate pits the new albums by Ashlee Simpson and t.A.T.u. against each other.

100 Songs - 78 Minutes, 19 Seconds

Spacelab offers a slideshow from the Hold Steady's recent Minneapolis show.

iPodMyBaby is sponsoring a "world's cutest baby contest," with the winner receiving the entire family of iPods.

Just days after bragging about how dependable my iPod has been to new iPod owner Mr. Chromewaves, my battery has died. Resetting the 4G iPod has no effect, so I'm looking for an online source for a replacement battery. Any recommendations for an online iPod battery supplier?


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