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November 4, 2005


Esopus asked musicians to pick a work of art significant to them and use it as an inspiration for a song in their Fall 2005 issue. The resulting CD includes tracks from the Mountain Goats, Alina Simone, Josephine Foster, Jim White and others. On the strength of this CD (and previous issues), I subscribed to this bi-annual arts magazine.

The Boston Herald lists four local bands that will "rock your fall."

The Daily Texan interviews Nick Harmer of Death Cab for Cutie.

DT: In your recent Spin cover story, Death Cab was lovingly called today's generation's R.E.M. How does the band feel about the comparison? Do you think Death Cab has made new fans because of that comparison?

NH: First of all, that's the most flattering comparison ever. I mean, come on. They are an incredible band and a big influence on us. We were all fans of R.E.M. growing up and still are. So yeah, it's massively flattering.

But, I have no idea how many fans are coming from that comparison.

The Harvard Crimson reviews Thursday night's Mountain Goats show.

The music alternated between two narratives: one drawn from album "Tallahassee," the other from this year’s "The Sunset Tree." The first is a series of histrionic confessionals by a fictional narrator, while the second drops the overblown emotionality for more somber autobiographical reflection.

The Stylus staff picks their top ten childhood TV themes.

St. Martins College of Art is preparing to commemorate the Sex Pistols' first live show, all twenty minutes of it.

The Guardian interviews Pete Doherty of Babyshambles.

If you crossed Sid Vicious with Oscar Wilde, you might get something approaching Peter Doherty; a dissipated, baby-faced punk dandy. He is gangly and ghostly, and speaks quietly and camply. He is wearing his customary black suit and pork pie hat, and he is off his head - he can't stand straight and speaks as if through a fog. He doesn't seem to have the energy or concentration for full sentences.

Fruitcast offers an advertising option for podcast publishers.

Forbes says not to fear the Google Print Library Project.

Is your book club struggling? The Christian Science Monitor suggests you invite an author.

Damon Albarn of Blur and Gorillaz is profiled by the Independent.

"Everything I do now runs at a loss," he told one reporter cheerfully. "I haven't been in a profit-making situation for years, believe it or not."

Silent podcast is atypical.

"What the heck is a gaffer?"

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