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November 6, 2005


The Richmond Times-Dispatch lists favorite baseball books.

Convert your iPod Shuffle into a religious symbol.

The Believer interviews author William H. Gass in its November issue.

Wikipedia lists "novels whose action takes place within 24 hours." Feel free to add more.

The Ask Metafilter community offers breadmaking music suggestions.

The Oberlin Review interviews Tim Byron of the Mae Shi.

"If the Mae Shi were making a product with some industrial value — car commercials, ringtones, album sales — I’d like to think we’d be able to rely on some support. But that’s not really what we are doing. We’re more like venture capitalists or research scientists, we’re putting things together trying to find the new thing. We’re following hunches and trying to make the music we want to listen to. And given that’s what we do, I don’t think we deserve the industrial support that, say, a pop-punk band deserves."

The San Francisco Chronicle reviews Laila Lalami's collection of interconnected stories, Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits.

The Mother Hips list "music you should hear" for Amazon.


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