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November 8, 2005


No Love For Ned's streaming radio show features an in-store performance by Ohio's Machine Go Boom this week.

Episode 12 of the Bat Segundo show features author Lydia Millet and a discussion on whether or not Dave Eggers deserves to be punched. Thanks for the LHB mention in episode #11.

Popmatters interviews solo artist (and Broken Social Scene member) Leslie Feist.

PM: Feel free to mention any artists/authors/people/causes that aren't getting as much attention as you think they should be:

LF: Another Broken Social Scene member who's putting out a solo album next month (on Arts and Crafts) is Jason Collett. These songs are very beautiful and I recommend it. You can see in my lack of embellishment that I don't know how to talk about it as well as I know how to listen to it.

Jim DeRogatis of the Chicago Sun-Times reviews a show by the new incarnation of Veruca Salt.

David Blackman of the Stanford Daily tells his indie coming out story.

Harmonium has been posting interesting show and album reviews.

Bepop is an interesting application that searches your mp3 collection, then lists live dates uin the UK and Ireland for your favorite artists.

The used iPod market is growing.

"When I Die" is an hour-long documentary about Hunter S. Thompson's last trip (his ashes, that is).

I inadvertently (and stupidly for an IT guy) lost my inbox e-mails when I deleted a preference on my iBook yesterday. If you e-mailed me in the past couple of months (since the beginning of October) and haven't heard back from me, please send another missive (especially the people I am sending live shows, I'm looking for the Baton Rouge Mountain Goats fan in particular). The positive aspect is everything I had filed is still available, and my wife, though sympathetic, has several "I told you so's" available at her disposal (if she wasn't too nice to use them).

Wilco's Jeff Tweedy talks to Billboard about his solo shows.

"By the nature of playing by yourself, my repertoire gets a lot bigger than what it is with the band, that's for sure," Tweedy tells of the shows. "The band is capable of playing everything in the catalog, but at any given point you can't just pull something out and expect everybody to know it. With this band, we have to take time to revisit things."

Brooklynvegan gets a shoutout from for reporting the Arcade Fired 2 a.m. Union Park performance.

Threadless has reprinted their MP(3) t-shirt.


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