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November 11, 2005


The Yale Daily News examines the state of hipsters on campus.

"If you were a hipster, you wouldn't go to Yale," he said, citing student groups such as the Yale Political Union and the Yale Philosophy Review as examples of the college's inherent fuddy-duddyness. This was before he admitted that he had wooed his girlfriend by namedropping indie rock bands like the Clientele and Nothing Painted Blue.

Bob Mould talks to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.

Stylus lists their top ten "featured artists."

The Morocco Times reviews Laila Lalami's collection or interrelated stories, Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits.

Stylus gives a report on the state of country music.

The Los Angeles Times says that LA fabulist literature is "the only American fiction that's really worth reading."

Salon's "Ask the Pilot" column manages to work in a Mountain Goats lyric this week.

Stop, You're Killing Me! is a mystery novel site searchable by author or character.

The Guardian's Alex Petridis examines the internet's growing influence on the music business.

Salon profiles author Augusten Burroughs, and the Yale Daily News reviews his new book, Magical Thinking.

Alex Sanchez lists good books for gay teens.

French Kiss Records is holding a t-shirt design contest for their new record club.

Insound, one of my favorite online music stores, has a bright new look.


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