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November 16, 2005


Indie Interviews sits down with James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem in this week's podcast.

Dock your iPod to a rock.

Econoculture interviews former Low bassist Zak Sally. has added a Dashboard widget to keep up with indie music reviews on the site.

The Onion A.V. Club interviews accordion player and author Daniel Handler.

AVC: How has that lack of free time affected your musical career?

DH: Well, I've never had a musical career. [Laughs.] So I think it's been unaffected. I play the accordion. In terms of thinking of it as a musical career, I think it's sort of like calling yourself an astronaut because you have a shiny suit. I ended up playing with The Magnetic Fields because I met Stephin Merritt—well, I pursued him, really—in order to work on a musical together that we're still at work on.

We Are Scientists' Keith Murray talks to Chartattack about the band's growing success.

“I know in the past six months, the population at our shows in New York has grown sort of exponentially. But I never really feel like we have a real buzz kinda thing the way, for example, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah or Wolf Parade have. Which in some ways I feel okay about. I mean I do worry sometimes about the situation in the U.K., that we have gotten really big really fast and that people sort of get burned out on you,” he says.

Nick Hornby and Salman Rushdie surprisingly make the shortlist for the Whitbread Prize. The Guardian is giving away a set of all 20 shortlisted books.

The Albany Times Union reviews Jeff Tweedy's Monday night solo performance.

If Tweedy's solo tour is his attempt to let some of the air out of his reputation, it worked like a charm. Just as the Pixies' acoustic show in the same hall this summer served to demonstrate the sturdiness of the band's songs, Tweedy's set demonstrated that Wilco's success is based first and foremost on his skill as a tunesmith.

If you are an independent musician, let Jones Soda help your voice (or instruments) be heard on their MyJonesMusic site.

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