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November 18, 2005


The Kurt Vonnegut Band Page lists musical artists influenced by the author.

The Harvard Crimson reviews Spoon's recent Boston show.

The Rocky Mountain News isn't overly impressed with the XBOX 360.

The Ottawa Citizen posts the Literary Review's list of the 100 most important Canadian books and solicits reader opinions.

The Stylus staff lists their top ten EP's.

PC World lists its favorite sources for online music.

The New York Times lists National Book Award winners since the award's inception.

Hello Kitty guitars, brought to you by Fender.

Courtney Love talks to the Guardian.

"Primarily I do two things: I act and I sing, and if I don't do those things well then I don't know what my objective is."

Philly Weekly offered a hipster issue last week.

The Guardian explores the post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans music scene.

Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, and Tom Cruise are allegedly too "scared" to play Patrick Bateman in a film adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis's Lunar Park.

Raymond Raposa of the Castanets talks to the Stranger.

Popmatters interviews Augusten Burroughs.

PM: Is it true that you can make interesting reading out of even the most banal situations?

AB: I think you can as long as you are connected personally to that experience. You have to be emotionally connected to it. If you're washing you're clothes, doing laundry — what's going on inside of you while you're doing it? I think then you can make it work.

Singer-songwriter Laura Veirs talks to the Stranger.

"I always have to have a theme," Veirs explains of her albums' lyrics. "Carbon Glacier had a lot of water imagery, and on this one, air is a theme. There are helicopters, butterflies, a lot of transcendence and transience and motion."

MPH reviews recent live albums by Green Day, Wilco, and the Mars Volta.

DCist discusses Information Leafblower's recent top 40 bands in America list.

The Nashville Scene also covers the list.

The Nude As The News contest giving away two copies of the Guided By Voices Propeller vinyl reissue ends today.

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