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November 20, 2005


The Arizona Republic wonders how some bands stay together for decades

Minnesota Public radio has had some great in-studio guests recently, including Tom Vek, the Magic Numbers, the Rosebuds and many others.

Scenestars is streaming the new Ryan Adams album, 29 (out December 20th).

Mark Kozelek talks to the San Francisco Chronicle about his alleged musical inspirations.

"When I heard a guy like Morrissey, who was pouring his heart out in this way that was very real, this clarity and emotion, he gave me hope as a singer. It wasn't possible for me to sound like the people I grew up with like Bon Scott or Jon Anderson, but with Morrissey it was more about what he was saying. So it made me think, 'I can also be a singer.'"

Bostonist reviews Sunday night's Jeff Tweedy show.

Singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens talks to the Guardian.

'I've always thought that everything is worth noting, even the way we speak through anecdotes with our friends,' he says, raising his eyebrows as he sips an evilly strong coffee. 'You know, those small social crises of middle school, like so-and-so just got braces, or Bethany just got her hair crimped, or her bangs were cut too short, or so-and-so started wearing her bra for the first time. The way we like to tell those stories over and over again indicates something about our culture.'

T-shirt of the day: I "heart" Rootkit.

Comedian Eugene Mirman takes on the Dish Network.

The BBC explores the theological and mythological roots of C.S. Lewis's Narnia.

He was not concerned with teaching children the Christian story in disguise, as he expected them to know it already. Rather he wanted them to feel it. As a child himself, he knew the story of the cross and resurrection of Jesus, and knew it was meant to be important, but he had never felt its importance. If he could retell it in terms of a fairy story, it might make sense to children and they might grasp the nobility, tragedy and power of it.

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