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November 26, 2005


Driving home from North Carolina yesterday, I picked up a copy of the New York Times and was surprised to see Largehearted Boy mentioned in an article about alternative advertising (link to non-password protected Lakeland Ledger copy).

The New York Times lists their 100 notable books of 2005, while the Guardian names their favourite books of the year.

Newsday gets people off the street to review the Magic Numbers.

Jay and Silent Bob return to Degrassi this week.

The Globe and Mail visits Portland, Oregon, "indie's new epicenter."

Some people in Portland are proud that the local scene is getting much-deserved respect, and would be happy to spread the word as widely as possible. Many, however, are worried that the industry jackals from the major labels are about to descend on the city, ravage the scene, and turn it into a marketable fashion statement, much as they did to Seattle in the early nineties, when the Washington city 275 kilometres up the coast was labelled the epicentre of grunge.

Singer-songwriter Jose Gonzales talks to The Age.

Veneer was a surprise hit in Sweden, reaching the Top 10 and earning Gonzalez a Swedish Grammy Award. The album is still gaining momentum more than two years since its release, especially now the song Heartbeats is being used in a worldwide Sony commercial.

"I'm happy for that," Gonzalez says of Veneer's unexpectedly long shelf-life, "because it takes so much time for me to write songs.

So I can play the old songs for a long time."

Popmatters offers their "indispensable guide to holiday music."

Every iPod needs a tripod.

The Guardian's Sarah Waters lists her ten favourite Victorian novels, and Robert Collins lists his ten favourite dystopian novels.


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