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November 27, 2005


Greg Kot profiles the current state of the music industry in the Chicago Tribune.

It's a world in which new favorites come and go in the instant it takes to answer an instant message from a friend touting a new band. But that's the reality that is turning the music industry into a messy democracy of millions rather than the private turf of a few multinational conglomerates.

The Denver Post talks to local guitar maker Scott Baxendale.

The Birmingham News reviews Friday's Drive-By Truckers show.

The Grateful Dead live soundboard recordings were removed from the Live Music Archive at the request of the band.

T-shirt of the day: Home Taping Is Killing the Music Industry.

Lifehacker promotes the Play Tagger javascript that allows you to stream any mp3 from your site (or others) with a small bit of code.

Aqualung's Matt Hales is interviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle.

Q: What's the most irritating comparison you get?

A: Well, it's not irritating in that I have any particular issue with the band. It's just that it's such an unimaginative one, which is the Coldplay comparison. It's there in almost every single thing that's written. It just seems to me to be very lazy.

The Times Online lists the 25 Britons who wield the most influence in America, and #3 is the designer of the iPod.

Paste eulogizes Chris Whitley.

The Sunday Herald solicits "the greatest reads of 2005" from "politicians and poets, writers and commentators, presenters and novelists."

The Washington Post examines FM radio's shift from music to talk formats.

The Guardian compares iTunes music store sales with retail stores in the United States.


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