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November 28, 2005


The San Francisco Chronicle offers alternatives to buying music on CDs, and graciously mentions Largehearted Boy and other music blogs in the process.

1. MP3 blogs: The Internet isn't just a great place to find amateur porn and clips of fat kids acting out scenes from "The Phantom Menace." It's actually an incredible resource for discovering new music and the best sites to do that at the moment are MP3 blogs such as The Hype Machine ( and Largehearted Boy (, which offer daily, no-nonsense links to free music available online.

The Arcade Fire's Win Butler talks to the National Post.

"You read [U.K. music magazine] New Musical Express reviews of [The Clash's] London Calling, and they're kind of mediocre. It's like, 'what were these people thinking?' Or some David Bowie stuff that was way ahead of its time. Or Bob Dylan, everyone booing every show when he was at the height of his creative powers.

"Not to compare us to those artists, but you feel almost like you're cast in some random time, and how people react to you is out of your control. Ideally, you keep doing whatever it is you're doing, without getting too f--ked up by what you think people are going to think about it."

Tufts Daily reviews Wilco's live album, Kicking Television.

The Baltimore Sun picks the best books of this holiday season.

The Daily Scotsman reviews Smoosh's Glasgow show.

Tom Smith of Editors talks to the Guardian.

Smith doesn't want "to be a vehicle for people's misery". He reveals that he's "definitely a worrier, always have been", although he adds: "It's not that I'm tortured, and it's not like I'm on medication or anything, but I do try and tap into that when I write."

The Krautrock Album Database includes covers, reviews, and mp3 snippets.

Can you Digg Largehearted Boy?

Macworld makes a case for the iPod Mini.

The people (, a division of Gratis Internet) have added Free PS3 and a Free Laptops promotions.


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