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December 1, 2005


3 Beads of Sweat is having a sale on everything in stock through the end of the year. CDs and albums are all $9, postage paid. If you have been waiting to pick up the recent Mountain Goats' reissues Zopilote Machine or Nothing For Juice, or the band's Ghana, Bitter Melon Farm, or Protein Source of the Future... Now! discs, now is your chance to do so and support a truly deserving independent label.

John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats discusses Days of Our Lives with Lisa Carver and Neal Medlyn.

The Boston Globe and Boston Herald review the Magic Numbers Tuesday show.

NME has news on the next Yeah yeah Yeahs album

Stereogum has Totally Wired's quote of the week (about Gary Glitter):

"You have to be a pretty determined pedophile to prove that being banned from Cambodia for giving it a bad name is not, in fact, hitting bottom."

LA Weekly examines the relationship between buzz bands and bloggers.

The year 2005 marked a clear shift from the era of airwaves to the era of iPods. The digital landscape has been laid; the critical apparatus necessary to govern its borders is settling into place. It’s a hierarchy of Web zines, MP3 blogs, podcasts, and message boards with peculiar names like Music for Robots, Coolfer, Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan and Tracks Up the Tree.

Popmatters interviews Andrew Kenny of American Analog Set.

PM: I thought, what an amazing quote. Is the hipster scene up there too much?

AK: That's what music is in New York. It was kind of good going to Europe and the last couple weeks playing shows that are maybe a little bit smaller but kind of on par with what we play in the States, but people were really excited to see us. It's like, we know we don't have a huge following, but we're an important band to a small group of people and it's cool to connect with people like that, and just because you're not the Arcade Fire at the Bowery -- like oh my God, what happened, I couldn't get into the show, it's a huge fiasco! What, you're not on the guest list? You know, it's not always like that. Sometimes we can be not cool and still appeal to people. I guess it's an important thing to remember that it's really hard living in New York. I'm sure you can appreciate this as well.

The Wall Street Journal examines the changing world of book promotion in the internet age.

The Hype Machine lists 52 songs of 2005.

Victoria University's The Strand lists their best albums of 2005.

The Bard Observer lists "music you should be listening to."

The Langerado Music Festival in South Florida is set for March 11th & 12th next year, and will feature Wilco, the Flaming Lips, the Drive-By Truckers, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, and many more acts.

Vodkapundit lists "50 Things You Ought to Have on Your Christmas Playlist."

The Riverfront Times is less than impressed with the Bright Eyes live album.

LA Weekly profiles the Sony-Fiona Apple relationship two months after Extraordinary Machine's release.

Save the Humans lists their top ten punk cover songs, and Maxim lists the "top ten topless anthems."

Project Gutenberg lists their 100 most popular e-books.

Copy-log lists free file-hosting services.


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