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December 6, 2005


Help my friend Jeff at Syntax of Things. He has decided to stop smoking, and has requested a list of songs about smoking and/or quitting cigarettes.

Bookslut offers holiday gift suggestions, as well as mentioning ten impressive books for young adults.

Washington State University's The Daily Evergreen lists its top ten albums of 2005.

The Philadelphia Daily News offers CD holiday gift suggestions.

Business Week examines the "MySpace generation."

Bookslut interviews author Annie Proulx.

I've read that when you're working on a project, you're writing sometimes sixteen hours a day. Do you still find time to read during those times?

When I'm ending a project I'm writing sixteen hours a day. Most of the time -- I have no time for writing. I hardly write at all. If I get fifteen minutes a day it's a small miracle. I just have time for a sentence here and there, and I keep hoping that sometime in the future I'll have time to write again. But generally I don't, I just don't have the time.

Beware of "iPod finger."

Hybridmagazine interviews David J. of Bauhaus.

HM: Bauhaus' sense of humor often gets overlooked. One of my favorite bits from the Resurrection tour was when you said the dance numbers were hard to work out.

DJ: Bauhaus is not to be laughed at. (laughs)

gHacks offers a list of free (but not necessarily legal) music sources on the web.

Vote in Chartattack's year-end reader poll.

Barsuk signed Mates of State, Viva Voce, and Starlight Mints.

Stolen Moments sends an open letter to all indie DJ's.

Publishers Weekly lists the best comics of 2005.


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