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December 8, 2005


One of my favorite new bands, Birdmonster, impresses SF Weekly despite a flooded venue, and later talks to the paper.

"All we really care about is doing our own thing," Klein emphasizes. "Even if we had resources, we'd still be doing DIY shows in basements."

The Tufts Daily names their top ten albums of 2005.

The Independent Weekly lists 2005's local Triangle album releases, and also reviews the past year in music.

The Marquette Tribune lists songs, films, and "entertainment events" of the year.

CNN lists "some of the most interesting and thought-provoking" books and albums of 2005.

Popmatters reviews the recently released Brian Eno DVD, 14 Video Paintings.

Copyright Criminals is a short documentary about sampling culture.

The Castanets' Ray Raposa talks to the Miami New Times.

"I don't want to be too much of a chops guy. When things start getting technical, a lot of the joy of it gets lost for me. I like the feel of things, the bigger picture of things, not a technically flawless guitar solo."

The San Francisco Bay Guardian bids farewell to music critic Mike McGuirk.

Loyola College's Greyhound profiles the Baltimore neighborhood, Hampden
, home to LHB sponsor "funky" Atomic Books.

Low's Alan Sparhawk talks to Pulse of the Twin Cities.

Going further, he describes a specific guitar line, the high, droning part that sneaks up halfway into “Just Stand Back”: “I just tried to make a noise that sounded musical and like ripping everything apart at the same time. That’s my favorite sound, the beautiful ripping sound.”

LHB favorites the Harvey Girls talk to The Pitch.

DJ Sku, who laid down blistering scratch on The Wild Farewell's "Hazy Heat," says the Harvey Girls are musical marvels. "I think their album is amazing," he says. "Their influences are so wide-ranged — you can really tell on this record. They're constantly trying new stuff and progressing. People need to hear their album."

Dress up your iPod as Santa Claus.

NME is streaming the video of Sigur Ros's recent Reykjavik show in its entirety.

Susan Sontag's son recalls the author's fight with the cancer that took her life.

The Test Pilot posted an indie holiday mix, complete with retro artwork.

The Chronicle of Higher Education examines the increased use of on-demand printing by university presses.

Donewaiting's Robert Duffy lists his favorite twenty albums of 2005.


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