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December 22, 2005


CNN/SI offers CD and DVD gift suggestions for athletes.

LA Weekly publishes "The Hipster’s musical year-end predictions and post-game analysis."

These days, edgy young indie acts like the Arcade Fire (Canada), Arctic Monkeys (U.K.) and Clap Your Hands (U.S.) quickly gain career momentum and widespread fan bases. How? Well, print mags like Spin and Rolling Stone no longer set the agenda for rock and pop; instead, hype is driven by free Web outlets like MP3 blogs (Music for Robots, Stereogum), Webcasters (KEXP, WOXY) and Webzines (Pitchfork, Tiny Mix Tapes). Together they make for a brutally efficient career-making, reputation-solidifying machine.

Philadelphia Inquirer music critic Dan DeLuca lists his holiday playlist.

NPR's All Songs Considered picks their best songs of 2005.

Vote for the best web games of 2005 (and sample a few, it's a slow time at work).

One of my favorite bloggers, Jessa Crispin of Bookslut, generously mentions LHB in an article about The 50 Book Challenge.

A bookstore got in on the trend this year by sponsoring a blogger’s year of books. Atomic Books of Baltimore, Md., sent books to Largehearted Boy in support of his effort to read 52 books in 52 weeks.

Toronto's Eye Weekly lists the best web links of 2005.

Australia's Herald Sun lists the year's worst albums and singles.

The Chattanooga Pulse lists the top ten songs of 2005.

Salt Lake City Weekly makes a holiday mixtape.

The Bonnaroo Music Festival will be held June 16-18 next year.

The Book Standard lists the top ten out-of-print books for 2005.

Slate wonders if Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita is still shocking.

Melissa at Travelers Diagram lists her top ten concerts of 2005.

Tiny Media Empire has inspired art prints for sale, including some wonderful show posters.

Today's 2005 top album lists:

Andrew Womack (the Morning News)
The Capital Times
Riverfront Times
Riverfront Times (overlooked discs)
Riverfront Times (hip hop)
Chattanooga Pulse
Chattanooga Pulse (local albums)
Canadian Press writer Angela Pacienza
Boston Phoenix (local albums)
Hartford Courant
Charleston Post and Courier

CHUD lists their ten worst films of the year.

The Armchair Novelist is 2005's king of blogger lists with:

top 11 musical surprise moments
top 7 cover songs
top ten MF Doom lyrics
top 6 blogs
best shows
top 9 rap albums
top 10 songs on the Arcade Fire's Funeral
top 8 Seattle releases
top 8 music videos
top 10 quotes from bang bang rock and roll
top 6 underrated bands
top 3 senior citizens
top 5 beefs
bands I'm not cool enough to find out about on my own
top 10 albums I hope are good in 2006
the most anticipated, yet underwhelming albums of 2005
top 3 defunct bands I discovered in 2005
top 5 EPs


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