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January 6, 2006


The Rock Robot's Guide to Guided By Voices is a blog after my own heart, chronicling every Guided By Voices/Robert Pollard release.

Nominations are open for the 2006 Bloggies. (Last year Largehearted Boy was proud to be a finalist for best entertainment weblog).

The Guardian has eight diverse musicians (including Devendra Banhart and Lady Sovereign) swap iPods, then hypothesize about the owners.

Richard Parry talks to the Calgary Sun about his two bands, the Arcade Fire and Belle Orchestre.

Musically, while there are some minor similarities between the two projects — The Bell Orchestre even opened for Fire during some of the tour dates, including the stop in Calgary — Parry describes Bell as having more of a foot in “art music, or academic music.”

"Me, personally they are two very separate outlets that sort of uses two parts of my brain, or two different sections of one part of my brain."

Drive-By Trucker Jason Isbell talks to the Macon Telegraph about the songs on his solo album.

"They're pretty different than my work with the Truckers," Isbell said of his solo efforts. "There aren't a lot of story songs. It's more toward a pop-song structure, but melodic and hooky rather than saccharine and sweet."

The Tacoma News Tribune predicts the album hits of 2006.

Also in the News Tribune: ten reasons Joan Jett rocks.

1. Jenny Lewis, “Rabbit Fur Coat” (Jan. 24): You know her as Rilo Kiley’s singer, a Postal Service collaborator and the woman responsible for the most creative scatological chimp reference in a pop song (that I can think of, at least). Now she’s doing the solo thing.

Jason Gross of perfect Sound Forever lists his "Best Music Scribing Awards, 2005" for

Anil dash lists the "do's and don'ts of beating the iPod (and iTunes)."

The BBC News polled critics to find their favourite up-and-coming music acts.

1. Corinne Bailey Rae
2. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
3. The Feeling
4. Plan B
5. Guillemots
6. Sway
7. Chris Brown
8. Marcos Hernandez
9. Kubb
10. The Automatic

ChartAttack reviews Neko Case's Wednesday night Toronto show.

With Feist likely heading back to France this year to follow-up Let It Die and Cat Power's decision to strip the edge from her sound, Case is poised to be crowned indie queen of 2006.

My favorite literary podcast, The Bat Segundo Show features author Mark Ames on the 17th installment of the show.

The Los Angeles Times examines the closing of local indie record stores Rhino and Aron's.

The causes of death for Rhino and Aron's are numerous and unsurprising. Album sales are in decline, music consumers continue to migrate to music downloading and CD-burning. The loss-leader approach to CD sales at giant chains such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy have smothered mom-and-pop outfits. And when prerecorded CDs are sold, more and more often it's through new-approach merchants that are as varied as and Starbucks. Closer to home and to the heart, a new competitor arose from within the indie ranks with the 2001 arrival in Hollywood of Amoeba Records, the Bay Area brand-name that opened a colossal indie store on Sunset Boulevard that siphons off business from stores far and wide.

Tiny Mix tapes offers their 2005 Tiny Mix Tape (their best songs of the year).

Watch the video of Robert Fripp as he records the sounds for Microsoft's next operating system, Vista.

In a 2005 interview, Joanna Newsom talks to Australia's Time Off.

"I am nervous being categorised as folk because I feel people’s general knowledge of what has come before in that genre is not that well known. Also, not many musicians are comfortable with being contextualised in a particular style where you can trace all the influences back and see them in some sort of logical stylish progression. I am not naive to think that I don’t have influences – because I do – but they are not conscious. I love so much folk music but I don’t necessarily consider what I do as folk."

2005 best music lists: (forgotten indie albums)
Agony Shorthand (albums,singles,reissues)
Dayton Daily News (local albums)
Slate (Jody Rosen's overlooked albums)

Ten Bills is a new online t-shirt store (where every shirt is $10 US).

LA Weekly lists 5 blogs fro musical archaeologist's.


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