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January 8, 2006


I was recently interviewed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel for this article on mp3 blogs.

The Toronto Star talks to Capital One jingle writer Jim Guthrie.

If anything, he's more concerned his infectious creation will become the next "Crazy Frog," a popular ringtone loathed for its ubiquity.

"Now it frightens me because people are chatting about it all over the Internet and they want to turn it into a ringtone. I'm completely baffled.

"If you have a puppy come up and lick you a couple of times, it's really cute. But when it licks you 660,000 times you want to hit it with a rake."

The Observer reviews yesterday's London Broken Social Scene show.

At times, it felt like watching a competitive marching band, the members of which hadn't slept for weeks and who had kept themselves going with intravenous Red Bull. Their elliptical take on indie rock - more thrashy than jangly, with time signatures that jump excitingly and a hearty rejection of the theory that less is more - swelled and ebbed as musicians, who danced in the wings as they waited, came and went.

The Boston Globe profiles Poetry magazine.

After a Saturday marred by food poisoning incidents affecting both me and my wife, my G3 iBook somehow caught the bug and developed a dreaded logic board malfunction (I think). I've moved my e-mail to another machine temporarily, and should have the iBook (or its replacement) back up in a couple of days. If you were one of the 100+ unanswered e-mails in my iBook inbox, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Observer wonders if podcasts will replace travel guidebooks.

WFMU's Beware of the Blog celebrates author H.P. Lovecraft with mp3 and PDF downloads.

Coolfer makes an early bid for smart music post of the year as he rebuts Jon Pareles' recent New York Times column, Pop Comfort Over Ambition.

The new Streets album, The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living, has a street date of April 11th.

Newley Purnell asked bloggers for their favorite book of 2005.

In the Guardian, critics look ahead to 2006's books.


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