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January 9, 2006


Keith Murray of We Are Scientists talks to Newsday.

The Flux is the "world's first iPod video film festival."

Juanita Stein of Sydney's Howling Bells talks to Drowned in Sound.

"Pop music and pleasing aesthetics go hand in hand. However, I don't believe the kind of music we make quite fits into that genre of predictable and aesthetically-driven songs."

USA Today profiles MySpace and its attraction to teens.

I'm looking forward to Steve Jobs' Macworld keynote address today, especially if he announces new Apple laptops and I can pick up a replacement G4 iBook cheap. My G3 iBook has a bad logic board, and is three weeks too old for the free replacement program...

Apparently, the golden ratio also applies to iPod design.

The New York Times unmasks the public persona of author JT LeRoy.

But the young man in the wig and sunglasses, it turns out, is not a man at all. The public role of JT Leroy is played by Savannah Knoop, Geoffrey Knoop's half sister, who is in her mid-20's.

A photograph of Ms. Knoop at a 2003 opening for a clothing store in San Francisco was discovered online. Five intimates of Mr. Leroy's, including his literary agent, his business manager and the producer of a forthcoming movie based on one of his books, were shown the photograph and identified Ms. Knoop as the person they have known as JT Leroy.

also: I missed this profile of author JT LeRoy in the Guardian last week.


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