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January 12, 2006


The Independent offers a test to see if you are a "yindie" (half yuppie, half indie)

Episode 18 of the Bat Segundo Show has actor/author Chris Elliott discussing "Carrot Top, cross-dressing, atmospheres with disparate historical artifacts, Cabin Boy and Tim Burton, support groups, Jack Finney’s Time and Again, Yoko Ono, Theodore Roosevelt, typewriters," and much more.

Billboard offers the tracklist of the Drive-By Truckers's new album, A Blessing and a Curse (out April 25th in the US).

Seattle University's Spectator Online lists their most anticipated albums of 2006.

Jason Collett talks to about his label, Arts & Craft's ascent.

We finish off talking about how his label, Arts & Crafts, has become an absolute powerhouse in Canadian music.

"Yeah, the Arts & Crafts mafia. It's surprised me how huge they've become, though it doesn't take much to create a stir in this country. I think they just have taken some chances, which [major labels] rarely do." Collett says the majors, those lumbering giants whose fear of irrelevancy has become absolutely palpable, have recently been trying to co-opt some of that indie cool.

"Believe me, it's happening. Majors want to get Arts & Crafts to run the release of the first few hundred albums, so it looks like [the artists are] on Arts & Crafts. They can get press interest now in a way that the majors just can't."

The Strokes' Julian Casablancas talks to the Telegraph about the band's new album, First Impressions of Earth.

Slate examines rock stars who write poetry.

Minneapolis City Pages asks local rollerderby team, the Minnesota Rollergirls, what they are reading.

Singer-songwriter Leslie Feist talks to the Halifax Chronicle Herald.

Hoping for a slightly different flavour this time around, she toyed with the idea of staying in Portugal for the recording sessions, but instead settled on old manor house outside of Paris.

"Actually, it’s beautiful," she enthuses. "It’s right next to the Seine, it’s like Daddy Warbucks’s house. I get to live there for a month and make a record, so I’d say the dilemma is solved.

"I’m going to go to Berlin for a few weeks first though, to work on the songs, and jam with different people. It’ll probably be a piecemeal process, between touring, just like the last one was."

The Independent reviews Mogwai's recent London show.

A technical glitch sees the guitarist Stuart Braithwaite quipping about his band's capacity for "deep musical introspection and slapstick", but they actually play with a breathtaking sense of focused intensity.

Billboard reveals the finalists for the Pantheon awards (often referred to as the "indie Grammys").

Drive-By Trucker Jason Isbell talks to the Chattanooga Pulse about his solo effort and the band's new album.

You’ve recorded a solo album on New West, but it hasn’t been released. When can we expect something?

I’ve been disenchanted with the label’s idea of what to do with it. I have it and it’s mine and it’s finished. However, I have to put it out when it doesn’t interfere with a Drive-By Truckers release.

Find song titles by tapping the melody with your space bar using The Song Tapper.

Help write the Wikipedia entry for "indie rock."

Levi's introduces iPod-ready jeans.


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