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January 17, 2006


Red magazine lists 100 overlooked albums.

We Are Scientists' Keith Murray talks to the Washington Examiner.

"I'm definitely a very of-the-moment lyric writer. At this point, my vision for lyric writing isn't particularly far-reaching - it's usually a what's-going-on-right-now kind of thing. Not to undercut the scope of my writing, but I'm certainly not doing the U2 save-the-children-and-feed-the-world kind of thing. Yet. I'm veering toward it, I promise."

Popmatters interviews James Blunt.

PM: What, in your opinion, makes a good song?

JB: Something that captures an emotion that makes you recall the feeling that you had in the first place that takes you back to the idea or the memories form where the song was born. For me -- I find conservation quite limiting, or at least I find it hard expressing myself through conversation but I find being flanked with music, it seems to be more full in a way of expressing what goes on inside the head.

The Orlando Sentinel examines television's role as a music tastemaker.

Stylus is listing the best albums of 2005 over the next four days.

Yellow Spacesuit is an mp3 blog that offers free and legal music downloads from Australian and New Zealand artists.

Build your own Amazon wishlist badge for your site.

Speaking of Amazon, many thanks to the reader who sent me a gift certificate yesterday (and unfortunately didn't leave her e-mail address so I could thank her privately). I added the GC to my Macbook piggy bank.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette lists 2006 albums by "big-deal bands," including Wilco and the Drive-By Truckers.

The New York Times reviews the Lincoln Center performance of singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens.

To describe the stylistically elusive music of the 30-year-old pop composer Sufjan Stevens as avant-folk is a little like calling Walt Whitman a salty regional poet.

Stylus has a snazzy redesign.

Authors Marcy Dermansky and Tara McCarthy will be reading from their novels--both of which feature twins--at LIC Bar in Long Island City, Queens, on Sunday 22nd, at 3pm.


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