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January 21, 2006


Singer-songwriter Isobel Campbell lists "music you should hear" for Amazon.

Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier talks to the Boston Globe.

"Everything I do is for sale," says Deerhoof drummer and founder Greg Saunier. "So how is my music not commercial?" He's rebuffing the idea that his experimental indie rock band, which kicks off its winter tour at the Middle East Tuesday, exists outside of rock's mainstream.

The Washington Post's Jonathan Yardley belatedly eulogizes author John Gregory Dunne.

The Pitch profiles mp3 blogger Jon Harrison of Little Hits.

"If I'm going to go to the trouble of putting this on the turntable just to hear one song, it better really snap my head back," Harrison tells the Pitch. "And to me, that's what's really exciting about 45s, particularly from the '60s — they have this loud, blarey, ever-so-slightly distorted sound that I just love."

AlterNet examines unexpected people who read in America.

Take Your Medicine is auctioning a 30 second ad spot in its first podcast (due in February).

Death Cab for Cutie bassist Nick Harmer confesses to being a Star Wars toy collector.

In Harmer's self-described "cabinet of curiosities" it's the old, worn-out action figures that he counts as his pride and joy items above the rest. "I still have some of my old Star Wars toys as kid on my shelf," Harmer says. "I have an old Boba Fett that is just solid gray because the paint is worn off of him. And I have a Darth Vader that's long lost his wrist sword and he looks rather naked without it. And all the toys are floppy because the joints are loose. So I think my older toys like that are my favorite just because there's so much sentimental value. I'm drawn to toys that look like they've been well-played with and loved, they seem like they have so much more life in them. You can look at those toys and see all the adventures they've been on."

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune profiles Aesthetic Apparatus, the outfit behind most of the area's indie rock posters.

Aesthetic Apparatus's most profitable design projects have included Criterion Collection DVD packages (those aforementioned horror movies), a Josh Ritter CD cover and -- no kidding -- the cardboard crowns that your kids or immature friends get at Burger King.

Doing the rock posters is still often their favorite work, though.

"It provides for a lot of play time," Byzewski said.

Visit Aesthetic Apparatus for their amazing collection of posters, test prints, and art prints.

Amazon is offering $150 rebates on the new 1.67 GHz & 1.8 GHz MacBook Pros (bringing the prices down to $1845 & $2345, respectively). Anyone know of a better offer (I need to replace my dead iBook).


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