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January 24, 2006


Portland State's Daily Vanguard profiles Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti.

Which is admirable in an age where the only “indie” bands that find success are the ones that sound like major label bands. Artists like the Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens make amazing music, but there’s something aloof and unapproachable about them and their hype. Ariel Pink sounds like the pop-loving freak who lives in the apartment next to you, the guy who loves pop songs so much he’s determined to make music despite bad equipment and no backing musicians. Pink’s an underdog, and underdogs are what indie rock is all about.

Listen to music on a Franz Ferdinand Sony mp3 player.

Speaking of Franz Ferdinand, frontman Alex Kapranos is a part-time food critic for the Guardian.

"I'm not a proper food critic. I just write about the food I eat on tour," he insisted yesterday. "Sean's was amazing - a very cool place. One of the things I enjoy about eating in Australia is that for the quality of the food there's a lack of formality, which I really appreciate."

Kevin Drew of Broken Social Scene talks to Popmatters about the band's self-titled release.

"We ended up making more of an indie record than we anticipated. We realized that we could play it safe and we are supposed to follow a pattern, but that is only one way of looking at it," says Drew as I hear water splashing in the tub. "This album reminds you that if you stay in one spot too long, you're gonna get knocked over. On this record we really challenged everyone. It took me ten listens to really like it. We made it so you can find whatever you want in there."

The Independent gathers reactions to the Arctic Monkeys from authors, politicians, writers, and other celebrities.

The Caldecott, Newbery and King awards for children's literature were announced yesterday.

The Plug Awards are announced February 2nd, don't forget to vote (and if you vote for LHB for "music website of the year," thanks).

Get your iPod an undershirt.

Author Kurt Vonnegut talks to NPR's Morning Edition about how society has changed in the past 50 years.

Congratulations to Chromewaves and Indie Interviews for being nominated for best Canadian weblog and best podcast, respectively, in the 2006 Bloggies. LHB didn't repeat as a nominee for best entertainment weblog, but music blogs were noticeably absent from the category this year.

Help the LHB MacBook Pro fundraising program and bid on my new, unopened 1.42 GHz Mac Mini (I received it through, but already have the same model running as my media server). With my Free XBOX 360 on the wa, too, that means I have finished all the Freepay (formerly Gratis) promotions except for the Free Digital Camera, Free Laptop, and Free PS3, and Free Gift Card.


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