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January 26, 2006


UGA's Red and Black previews Robert Pollard's kickoff solo show at the 40 Watt club tonight.

Mark Kozelek talks to the Santa Cruz Sentinel about his latest album of Modest Mouse covers, Tiny Cities.

"I've become known as a song interpreter, but it's all happened by accident."

The Hartford Advocate profiles the pop culture blog, Totes Umbrellas.

PopMatters wonders what the term, "independent music," really means.

Indie Interviews sits down with Ramesh Srivastava of Voxtrot in this week's podcast.

Stylus interviews Neil Campbell of Vibracathedral Orchestra.

Who or what do you do you give credit to for the last few years' rising profile for 'experimental' music?

The advancing redundancy and lameness of standard guitar-music? The influence of dance music in breaking the chains of “The Song” for a whole generation of listeners? The infectious enthusiasm of many people in the scene? Cheap thrills for the media? Something in the water? Oh, I don’t know…

Presale began yesterday for some of the dates on Wilco's early 2006 tour.

Bradley's Almanac posted a live set from Birmingham (UK)'s Editors. Many props to Brad for recording and sharing the refreshingly unique content.

San Diego's Citybeat profiles Continuum's 33 1/3 series of books about seminal albums.

“As a format, [the album still] works,” says David Barker, editor of the 331/3 book series. “If you put out an album of 10 damn good songs, that’s gonna get you noticed more than, ‘Hey, here’s a new track—you can put it on your blog.’”

Woebot lists their top 100 records ever.

Singer-songwriter Aimee Mann is interviewed by the Pitch.

What was it like, focusing on crafting an album that exists as a narrative whole rather than an album of disconnected singles?

It really made it easier for me. I like exploring different aspects of a situation, taking different aspects of it and really delving into it. For me, it makes it easier to have a story. It's always easier to be creative when you have a structure, I think.

Tegan Quin of Tegan and Sara talks to the North County Times.

"I don't think you can go through a Tegan and Sara record necessarily and pick out what's mine and what's hers and whose strengths and weaknesses. I think each song has its strengths and weaknesses. and I think it will always be that way because I think both of us aren't a complete picture. I'm a firm believer as a twin for 25 years that we are missing parts of ourselves because we were supposed to be one and we were two. I believe in music we will always have (that)."

Author Michael Chabon talks to San Diego Citybeat about the state of the comics industry.

“The audience may never be there, numerically,” says Chabon. “There may never again be a mass audience for comics as there once was, 50, 60 years ago, when comic books that were successful were routinely selling in the millions. That may never happen again. I don’t think you can make that a criterion for being taken seriously. Comics aren’t the weak stepchild anymore. They don’t have a problem getting taken any more seriously than any other art form. Now, maybe right now all art forms have a little bit of a problem being taken seriously, but I really do think that battle is over. I think it’s been won, by comics.”

The San Antonio Current examines the wealth of free music, electronics, and books available online.

This Might Be A Wiki is a wiki dedicated to They Might Be Giants, and is an interesting way to disseminate information about the band (or any band, for that matter).

Moorish Girl debuted a new feature yesterday, a quarterly review of literary magazines by Katrina Denza.


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