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January 31, 2006


Said the Gramophone continues its "Said the Guests" series with Montreal artist Kit Malo creating art for music by Alden Penner (formerly of the Unicorns). More songs and images will be posted Thursday.

The Palm Beach Post lists 50 "must-hit" websites, including Coolfer and Stereogum.

Episode #19 of the Bat Segundo Show podcast features book cover (and poster) designer Jay Ryan.

The Philadelphia Daily News sorts through the current crop of tribute albums.

Kilgore Trout, Kurt Vonnegut's fictional science fiction author, has a Wikipedia entry.

Matt Dentler lists this year's SXSW Film premieres.

T-shirt of the day (and one of my daily mantras): "Everyone Is a Designer."

Belle & Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, Kathryn Williams, teenage fanclub and others will submit tracks to a Scottish children's album, with proceeds going to local children's charities.

The Guardian examines the friction between the old and new British folk music camps.

Adem, Roberts, Tunng and the rest have been at best treated with profound suspicion, and at worst studiously ignored by the majority of the "folk establishment". Unplayed on Mike Harding's BBC Radio 2 folk show and unheralded at the BBC Folk Awards, the new artists have set up their own parallel scene, sometimes dubbed "twisted folk" or "outsider folk" - with its own clubs and festivals.

New York magazine lists select cuts from singer-songwriter Ryan Adams' discography.

The Royal Society of Literature asked authors Philip Pullman, J.K. Rowling and poet Andrew Motion to list their top ten books for schoolchildren. Some authors, like Nick Hornby, declined.

Some writers asked to contribute lists felt unable to do so. Nick Hornby said: "I used to teach in a comprehensive school, and I know from experience that many children are not capable of reading the books that I wanted them to read. If I choose 10 books that I think would be possible for all, it wouldn't actually be a list that I would want to endorse. I think any kind of prescription of this kind is extremely problematic."

Popmatters offers odds on who will top the "best bands ever" once the baby boomers "finally relinquish control of pop culture."

The Village Voice reviews Jay McInerney's new novel, The Good Life.

The Good Life may be the most provocative novel yet about September 11, precisely because it dares to suggest that most of us weren't changed at all.

On the Merge records message boards, Mac MacCaughan responds to Saki Store's posts about indie labels selling discs at Best Buy.

"to imply that we've abandoned independent retail & distribution (why would we do that?) is not accurate. but running any kind of business (unless you truly are just out for a buck and yourself alone) is a minefield of dilemmas like this -- that's what capitalism creates -- tensions between artist/consumer/business that are not always easily squared."

Hockey Music lists essential "call-response" songs.

The Midwest Book Review lists online book lover resources.


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