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February 2, 2006

Book Notes - Susie Bright, et al ("Best American Erotica 2006")

Susie Bright is a personal hero of mine. An author, social and political activist, editor, and blogger, she strives to open minds and empower her readers (and listeners) at a time when our society is increasingly closed minded when it comes to sex. The Best American Erotica 2006 edition contains stories by John Updike, David Sedaris, Steve Almond, and others, and is an amazing collection that will both shock and titillate, often at the same time. Many of the authors are interviewed on Bright's blog, and their submissions are excerpted as we get an insight into their work.

When Susie Bright accepted the offer to write a "book notes" entry, I had no idea she would have several of the individual authors from The Best American Erotica 2006 anthology submit songs. Thanks to her, the first anthology represented in the "book notes" series is truly unique.

Here is the "book notes" contribution from some of the contributors to The Best American Erotica 2006:

Here's what some of the more musically-driven authors (followed by the name of their contribution to BAE 2006) had to say about the tuneful inspiration for their story:

Susie Bright "After Andrea, an introduction on the occasion of Andrea Dworkin Passing"

"She's Come Undone" - The Guess Who

Bianca James "Paradise City"

There's as many hands on her as the knob on the door
She's such a pretty pretty pretty little whore
To get my cock she'd walk through the flames of hell
Cause I can always tell when she's coming
I can always tell

"She Loves My Cock" - Jackyl
"Paradise City" - Guns n Roses

James Williams "The End"

So taunt me-and tease me
Deceive me- desert me
I'm yours 'till I die...

"So In Love" - Cole Porter

Stephen Elliott "Bad Education"

Want the CD I made after I broke up with my girlfriend?

"Dance Me In" - Sons and Daughters

Salome Wilde "Granny's Pearls"

"Baubles, Bangles, and Beads" - Frank Sinatra

Steve Almond "The Nasty Kind Always Are"

Behind the fringe of a whiskey high
Mutilating cat-like eyes
And in your nose blood decadence
You try to drag me into your bohemian dancing
You paint my fingers and you paint my toes
You let your perfect nipple show

"Soft" - Kings of Leon

Sera Gamble "The Clay Man"

What I am to you
Is not real
What I am to you
You do not need

"Volcano" - Damien Rice

Rachel Kramer Bussel "The End"

Sometimes so bright
Your heart just stops...
Didn't we almost have it
Almost have it...didn't you want it?

"Jenny" - Sleater-Kinney

Will Heinrich "Stalin's Mustache"

"Kill for Peace" - The Fugs

Peggy Munson "Fairgrounds"

This is a song about the seedy underbelly of the carnival
The part that only the kids know about

"Carnival" - Bikini Kill

Gwen Masters "Fifteen Minutes"

Arrive in a limo, I'll leave in a hearse
And I can't decide now which part is worse
Losing my life to the game, or losing the fortune and fame

"Radio Star" - Edwin McCain.

Mr. Sleep "Beatings R Us"

He's hideous to the eye.

"Nick the Stripper" - The Birthday Party

Donna George Storey "Ukiyo"

"Turning Japanese" -The Vapors

L. Elise Bland "Every Good Boy Deserves Favors"

"Stairway To Heaven" - Played Badly By A Petulant Piano Student

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