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February 3, 2006


Robert Pollard talks to the Cleveland Plain-Dealer about his newfound solo career.

"I miss the guys in the band," says Pollard, 48. "I don't miss not having the name Guided by Voices. To me, it was more like a guild than a band. It had been through probably 40 or 50 people, if not more."

Mary Timony has signed to Kill Rock Stars.

Stylus lists the top ten sentimental rap songs, and omits my personal favorite, MF Grimm's "Scars and Memories."

Locus magazine lists 2005 recommended science fiction and fantasy books.

The SXSW forum community is listing day shows during the festival.

Chuck Klosterman talks to Gelf Magazine about his Super Bowl blogging.

“But I am trying to take a different approach with my posts than most bloggers. With blogs, the attraction is they’re like soap operas—people come to watch because it’s predicated on the idea that there was an episode before it and after it, and it’s going to go on. I wanted my posts to sort of stand on their own, so someone who never read the one before or after could still enjoy one.”

The Independent profiles Domino, record label of the Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand.

Willamette Week lists the details of the Elliott Smith tribute album, To: Elliott From: Portland, profiling every track on the record.

The Thermals perform "Ballad of Big Nothing" from Either/Or

The Thermals go all out for their cover, even recording at the same studio (Jackpot) with the same engineer Smith did (Joanna Bolme). The reenactment overwhelmed Thermals vocalist Hutch Harris, who chose not to sing the song, saying, "it was too much for me." Fortunately Kathy Foster stepped in, her voice better able to mimic Smith's. She sounds more distant and shielded, but the resemblance is remarkable and the rendition is actually catchier.

Author Rick Moody talks to the Independent.

"It's not fun to wake up and have horrible things said about one. It's depressing that there are people who hate my work but the good news is there are people who really, really love it."

Singer-songwriter Jose Gonzales talks to the Guardian.

"I guess I discovered my voice when I started singing with my father, but it wasn't until about seven years ago that I found a way of writing songs and using my voice that I was comfortable with."

Author James Frey's former editor, Sean McDonald, talks to New York magazine.

“What I do as an editor is to help people tell their stories,” says McDonald. But he isn’t about to tell his story in its entirety. When asked how it felt to see Talese bearing the brunt of Oprah Winfrey’s televised wrath, McDonald is interrupted by the eavesdropping publicist. “I think that’s a moot question at this point,” says the flack. “I think that’s it.”

Stylus gives a B+ to Robert Pollard's solo album, From a Compound Eye.

Whether it’s the end of an era, the beginning of a new one, or just a lucky break in what looks to be a still-incessant deluge of output, From a Compound Eye bypasses the earlier seven LPs-plus released in his name to mark the emergence of Robert Pollard as a solo artist proper.

The Guardian's Alex Petridis gives Belle & Sebastian's new album, The Life Pursuit, three out of five stars.

Literate, droll, moving and often very beautiful, The Life Pursuit certainly isn't a bad album, but it's a disappointment after Dear Catastrophe Waitress.


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