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February 4, 2006


The Globe and Mail wonders if this is the last season for television's excellent comedy, Arrested Development.

The Joplin Globe has "nothing but contempt" for the Grammy nominations.

Popmatters writers delve into the JT LeRoy and James Frey literary scandals. lists a Wordpress/blogging meetup for March 11th at SXSW. has added a Wiki.

The Village Voice reviews Douglas A. Martin's novel, Brantwell: A Novel of the Brontë Brother. (see also: Martin's "book notes" entry for the book)

Singer-songwriter Mike Ferraro talks to novelist John Fante's son about the screen adaptation of Ask The Dust.

Dan agreed that this film represents the culmination of events, thus far, in regards to John Fante’s literary revival, a restoration from the brink of obscurity that began over twenty-five years ago: “My father would be pleased. His books sell. That’s all he really ever cared about. He wanted people to read his stuff. That’s what he wanted, what he really cared about in prayer and in the pain of creation. He was an artist. He wanted to live in people’s heads…He always said he was the best writer in America. Now he’s smiling back and laughing his ass off from a hole in the ground.”

The Times Online reviews Kurt Vonnegut's latest book, Man Without a Country: A Memoir of Life in George W. Bush’s America, and also lists a short primer of the author's other works, titled, "Vonnegut for Beginners."

The Arctic Monkeys' debut album cover isn't hot with anti-smoking advocates.

The Times wonders whether Sony's Reader will do for books what Apple's iPod did for music.

Sony is understood to be working on new devices that will download books straight on to the device without using a computer. Such improvements would make the Readers more attractive to consumers, Mr Sarnoff said.

Younger generations, in particular, would welcome the experience of having 100 books stored in one device, he said. “Children are growing up with iPods and no longer have treasured CD collections,” he said.


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