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February 5, 2006


Singapore's Electric New Paper profiles two older indie music fans.

While he loved the rebelliousness of the music when he was younger, it's no longer why he enjoys it.

'I like the energy of the music but that doesn't necessarily mean I agree with what they're doing,' he said.

'Now that I'm pushing 40, when I see Pete Doherty (Babyshambles bad boy), I think: What is he doing?'

Newsweek reports that Amazon plans to enhance their digital delivery of DVDs and albums.

The Philadelphia Inquirer predicts the Grammy winners, while the Boston Globe profiles the indie Grammy alternatives, the New Pantheon prize and PLUG Independent Music Awards.

The Guardian uses a London Underground map to plot the history of 20th century music.

Author Augusten Burroughs talks to the Independent.

"Who was I to think that I could be a well-known writer?" asks Burroughs, who dropped out of school at 12. "The whole idea was ridiculous. I believe it was through sheer force of will that that happened."

A religious site lists musicians who died young.

Maximo Park drummer Tom English is interviewed by Drowned in Sound.

"I was reading an article in The Times the other day about how uncomfortable Maximo Park would feel having to follow the incredible, unstoppable Arctic Monkeys would be well worth pondering! At the end of the day, that’s all it is, something to ponder over not worry about. We’ve got a reputation as a live band whereas they’ve got a reputation as a hype band. If they wanted to change the running order around then I’m sure it would’ve happened but I don’t think they wanted to do it. They may be Monkeys but they’re not cheeky monkeys!"

The SXSW site lists official evening festivities during SXSW Interactive.

The Times Online lists its top ten sporting "entertainment" (their quotation marks).

Rilo Kiley's Jenny lewis talks to the Daily Scotsman.

"I still find it amazing that I'm here in Silver Lake talking to you in Scotland about my alternative career and that the last time I played there, in a place I'd never been before, so far from home, 200 folk who knew my music turned up to hear me sing. That's kind of shocking."

WFMU's Beware of the Blog continues to hunt down some truly classic mp3s, including these from the album Batman and Robin, featuring Sun Ra's Arkestra and Al Kooper's Blues Project.

Ande Parks, author of the graphic novel, Capote in Kansas, explains the difference between his book and the recent feature film on Truman Capote.

“I think we were more consistent to what degree we sensationalized or didn’t sensationalize the material,” he says. “I found it odd that the movie thought it was acceptable to sensationalize the violence — they show a close-up of Herb Clutter with his throat slit. On the other hand, there is no physical representation of Truman’s sexuality. ... In my book, we deal with his sexual life with his partner and more directly with the sexual feelings he may have had with people in Kansas.”

Some people go to Cooperstown, others visit the Slashdot Hall of Fame.

Rock senior citizen Alice Cooper talks to Suicide Girls about his future in music.

I love the idea of being a senior garage band. My last two albums have been garage band albums and they’ve been two of my best. I think Jet and The White Stripes are great garage bands. They are bands that don’t necessarily care about production as much as they care about the fun of the song. My last two albums have done that and I’m probably going to do the next album like that too.


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