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February 7, 2006


Ted Leo has signed with Touch & Go.

Singer-songwriter Kelley Stoltz talks to the San Francisco Chronicle.

"I like to work on a song all day until it's done. So, usually I start around noon and record, and record all day. Generally, I'm able to get most of the song down and then it's around 7 o'clock and I get to listen to it, and at 9 o'clock add a backing vocal and 10 o'clock play it for my girlfriend, if it's any good."

Ten mistakes conservatives make in art and entertainment.

Mistake #4: We don't give money to artists. Focus on the Family? Fine. A high-profile U.S. Senate race? Of course. Helping a singer-songwriter finish her album? A filmmaker complete post-production? A magazine get off the ground? Forget about it. A lot of great art – the kind that offers the culture recreation and re-creation – remains underground, stuck in studios, floundering in film editing rooms, gathering dust in garages because the artist has no money to finish the work or get it noticed. Millions of dollars go to bloated organizations that do little more than send out chest-thumping and finger-pointing press releases condemning popular culture. Instead, fund the redemptive artist and we will change the world.

The New York Times reports that the JT LeRoy were indeed written by Laura Albert, speaking to her partner.

Geoffrey Knoop, Ms. Albert's partner for the last 16 years, said in a telephone interview on Saturday evening that he had seen Ms. Albert write the books of JT Leroy in their San Francisco apartment. He added that for much of the last decade, he had been present when Ms. Albert conducted telephone conversations as JT Leroy with unwitting editors, writers and celebrities, using the voice of a young man with a West Virginia accent.

The Chicago Tribune examines workers using iPods in the office.

The Village Voice covers the PLUG awards (where LHB came up a bridesmaid yet again).

Things I'd Rather Be Doing interviews David Barker, editor and blogger of Continuum's 33 1/3 series of smal books about seminal albums.

The forthcoming book about Celine Dion (Let's Talk About Love) seems to be an interesting divergence...

I thought long and hard about the Celine Dion book. In some ways, it doesn't fit with the series, it's not a "critically acclaimed" record. And it has never - to my knowledge - appeared on a list of the Greatest Albums of All Time. But in the sense that the series involves getting interesting writers to write interesting books about interesting albums, it fits perfectly. And Carl Wilson's proposal was simply one of the best I've ever read.

Decoy lists the top 50 instrumental album releases of 2005.

Author Dave Barry is the guest on episode 20 of the Bat Segundo Show literary podcast.


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