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February 8, 2006


Boston's Weekly Dig interviews singer-songwriter Mark Eitzel of American Music Club.

So you just want to elicit a response, as opposed to getting nothing from an audience?

Exactly. Maybe it’s my own fault because the music I make is middle-of-the-road—and yet it’s lyrically dense and strange. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m demanding a lot, but the whole thing is like the artists that make a deal with the maggots that are going to eat their flesh in the future. They say, “Well, if we speak to the maggots and try to make the maggots understand us, then the maggots will be nicer.” Truth is, the maggots aren’t going to be nicer. I guess I just hate mediocre shit."

Indie Interviews sits down with J. Tillman this week on the music podcast.

In the Guardian, Bob Stanley argues that the best music films are about fake bands.

Author Kelly Link got some love from Boing!Boing! yesterday. Look for her "book notes" contribution for her collection of short stories, Magic for Beginners, soon on Largehearted Boy.

Music For Kids Who Can't Read Good has audio and video from last week's Andrew Bird show in Champaign.

The current issue of Mungbeing includes an interview with Lisa Carver and a short piece by Franklin Bruno.

Ryan Allen of Thunderbirds Are Now! talks about the band's sound with City Pulse.

"With 'Justamustache,' we got more courageous about what influences we'll tap into," he says. "We got more poppy, more refined, less crazy and stuff like that. I mean when we got started, I said I wanted to sound like Wire and Gang of Four — but I don't sit around listening to Wire and Gang of Four. I listen to the Beatles, Spoon, the New Pornographers, the Kinks, the Who, the Stones …"

Robert Pollard talks to the Cleveland Free-Times.

“I like to record all the time, and write, and do collages, and I put out this little literary publication called Eat,” he says. “I’ve kind of wrapped up my record shopping — I kind of have everything — so I’ve started getting into movies.”

The Telegraph reviews Chuck Klosterman's latest book, Killing Yourself to Live.

This is honest writing. And, having mentioned honesty, I must admit I'm reviewing this book without having finished it. Not because it's hard going - the prose is simple and conversational; Bret Easton Ellis calls it Klosterman's "old-fashioned American voice".

see also: Klosterman's "book notes" submission for the book

The Slashdot community offers headphones suggestions for cubicle dwellers.

San Francisco's Noise Pop 2006 will feature the Flaming Lips, Rogue Wave, Feist and many other bands.

Get ready for April 1st with the top 100 April Fool's Day hoaxes of all time.


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