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February 10, 2006


Business Week wonders, "Can MTV Stay Cool?"

Glide lists ten bands/artists to watch in 2006.

Stylus lists the top 10 underrated rap albums of 1996.

Marginal Revolution makes dark horse picks for the great American novel.

Author Kurt Vonnegut talks to the Sunday Herald.

"I feel like I’ve fulfilled my destiny. I’m completely in print. I’ve been allowed to say everything I’ve wanted to say. I’ve said that this country needs another novel the way the world needs another Sistine Chapel or another Beethoven’s Ninth."

When Virgin announced they were planning a Cracker greatest hits collection, the band protested, but the label decided to go ahead with the disc despite the band's protestations. The band is re-recorded the same songs as the greatest hits album, and will release their new version on Cooking Vinyl, on the same day as the Virgin originals. Watch David Lowery explain the situation (while shaving, nonetheless) (Quicktime link).

The Bard Observer profiles indie rock bands with "wolf" in their name.

The Harvard Crimson wonders whether 8-bit rock is nostalgic or the sound of the future.

This guys saw every Mountain Goats show in 2005 from mid-October to the end of the year, and kept a show journal.


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