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February 11, 2006


Z Berg, lead singer of The Like, lists "music you should hear" for Amazon.

The Dayton Daily News lists "cool web sites," and includes Bookslut and Pitchfork.

The Telegraph profiles Wild Man Fischer as a documentary of the musician is scheduled to open in the UK on February 24th.

Director Jonathan Demme lists his favorite concert films for the Philadelphia Inquirer after discussing his Neil Young documentary.

Demme also discusses his current and future projects.

There are more Demme performance films on the way. Besides a nonmusical documentary about New Orleans residents hit hardest by Katrina - which he began shooting last month - the director's wish list includes Fats Domino and acclaimed songwriter Sufjan Stevens. Of the latter, he says: "I want to collaborate with that guy. He's going to be acknowledged before too long as one of the great American composer-performers."

Author Michael Chabon gets quoted in this Los Angeles Times article about Superman.

"DC Comics has been more than willing to let the mythology get played with," says Michael Chabon, author of "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay," a brilliant summoning of the early days of the comic book industry. "If you counted every writer and artist who ever worked on Superman, it's a huge number of people," he says. It's understandable how this collective myth-making would have unleashed huge Jungian geysers. "It's hard to find a parallel," says Chabon, except perhaps in the Talmud or the body of Arthurian legends.

Seattle Weekly interviews author Maria Headley, author of The Year of Yes.

Did you consciously try to avoid the James Frey–style "woe is me" type memoir of overcoming hardship and adversity?

This story is what it is. It doesn't need my tragic childhood in order to make it understandable. I read a lot of David Sedaris and Sarah Vowell at the time [of writing], people who are comedic memoirists, which I love. Both of them have had experiences that are problematic, traumatic, and stressful. No self-pity at all, no whining.

Decapolis' writers list their best albums of 2005.

AngryRobot parses the bands playing SXSW 2006 and serves them as Excel, HTML, and tab-delimited file downloads.

RIP, J Dilla. See the Stylus review of his last album, Donuts.


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