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February 14, 2006


Singer-songwriter Billy Bragg lists "music you should hear" for Amazon.

The Independent reviews a recent Clap Your Hands Say Yeah performance, focusing on Alec Ounsworth's vocals.

It's certainly a refreshing change from the clarity-at-all costs Chris Martin school of vocals that has proved so fashionable - and so characterless - of late.

Electric Six's Dick Valentine talks to Aversion.

It seems like most of America’s forgotten about over-the-top party rock like The Electric Six plays. In a generation of oft-pretentious indie kids, crybaby emos and other too-serious rockers. Do you think some of thesense of fun’s gone from rock today, and how does The Electric Six fit into today’s music world?

We honestly don't think about it too much. We just write the songs we want to write and go out and play them. It’s not about measuring ourselves vis a vis other bands or artists. And in fact, if the majority of musicians are too serious, then that bodes well for us because we will always have a niche of people who are looking for something more … ridiculous.

Cinema Blend offers the "Valentine's A to Z" of film.

Sean Michaels of Said the Gramophone shares his love for "My Funny Valentine" with the National Post.

Popmatters recollects Sundance 2006.

Indieish is an mp3 blog featuring Creative Commons-licensed music.

New York magazine examines the economics of blogging.

Pointless Waste of Time lists the "top ten sci-fi films that never existed."

Things I'd Rather Be Doing interviews Robert Pollard about his solo album, From a Compound Eye.

Does (FaCE producer) Todd Tobias push you more than other folks?

Todd doesn’t push me at all. That’s what I like. I went through the painful process of working with producers. It was a good learning experience and the guys were great. Rob Schnapf and Ric Ocasek were great. But I’m just like, I don’t have the patience to sing every syllable correctly... See, I don’t like things to be perfect. There’s a certain charm to things being technically imperfect. I just like to sing the song. I like to be the judge. When I worked with producers, they’d say, "You don’t want to have something that makes you cringe when you listen to it." That’s true, but I got to the point where I don’t care. I kind of like cringing sometimes.

RIP, Edna Lewis, the "first lady of southern cooking," and author of The Gift of Southern Cooking.

Tennessee Williams lived nearby, so he walked her home at night. Garbo dropped in with her two little poodles. "She came on a Monday night when we were closed. They dined by themselves. But by the time they got ready to go, the sidewalk was lined because the word had spread that it was Garbo."

Truman Capote was a regular. "He was a big mess," Lewis recalled. "He had on these little pumps. If he got something new, he would come in and say, 'How do you like my beloved pants?' He was cute."

Popmatters spends a day on tour with the Subways.

The Paul Green School of Rock in Philadelphia may face the wrecking ball.

The school, featured in the 2005 documentary "Rock School" and thought by some to be the inspiration for the 2003 Jack Black movie, "School of Rock," is in rental space at 1320 Race St.

That property is on the list to be bulldozed for the Pennsylvania Convention Center expansion.

Decibel lists their 50 most anticipated albums of 2006.


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