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February 20, 2006


A Reminder lists Australian bands attending SXSW 2006.

Singer-songwriter-dB Chris Stamey is interviewed by Popmatters.

Is that something you're interested in, space, or just science in general?

Every musician has gotta be inspired by the example of John Denver, who tried to bribe the Russians to go to space. That actually is a reason for going triple platinum.

So that kind of stuff sells more than music?

No, no. I mean he sold enough records to be able to make an offer.

Stylus "plays God" with the Mountain Goats' Tallahassee album.

Tallahassee never really emerges as a great record because Darnielle sets up an epic storyline and fails to make good on it. Sure, there are epic songs aplenty, like “See America Right,” “No Children,” “Oceanographer’s Choice” and the title track, but there’s also a lot of dead weight—“Idylls of the King,” “Peacocks,” “Alpha Desperation March” which do little to progress any of the tragic story. I’d like to imagine that Darnielle went ahead and re-recorded a number of the songs from his “Alpha Series” for the concept album—songs recorded throughout the Goats’ discography that had originally set-up the story of the couple featured in Tallahassee.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reviews Kevin Brockmeier's latest novel, The Brief History of the Dead. (see Brockmeier's LHB "book notes" submission for the book)

Gothamist reviews Ayelet Waldman's new novel, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits.

Emilia is the quintessential unreliable narrator and any author that navigates that minefield successfully deserves praise for doing so. It’s a careful balance of keeping your readers ahead of the curve and keeping them in the dark – both empathy and criticism must be fostered.

In the Naples News, author Ben Bova discusses how modern science is caching up to his science fiction novels.

16 Dots is Lalitree's place for "reviews and recommendations for products, services, books, music and movies." I'm definitely thinking about picking up the bamboo sheets mentioned.


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