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February 27, 2006


Author Jonathan Ames is interviewed by Dogmatika.

Introduce one other author you think people should read, and suggest a good place to start.

Dashiell Hammett -- I don't think he's read that much any more. There's a collection called The Continental Op. It's only for people who like really tight prose.

The Guardian prefers more polished podcasts.

Robert Pollard talks to Popmatters about his side career as an eBay power seller.

He has sold some of his own holdings on eBay, most famously by taking in $6,200 for an original pressing of Guided by Voices album Propeller.

"Why should I not make money on that? It's my art," he said. "Some people think, 'Why are you selling this stuff on eBay; are you desperate or trying to gouge the fans?' No, I'm not, because it's my art, and artists sell their stuff, don't they?"

Drowned in Sound rediscovers Low.

Singer-songwriter Neko Case talks to Billboard about the animal imagery in her new album, Fox Confessor Brings the Flood.

"Growing up, my family was very, very into animals. Animals were treated like other people; they slept in the bed with you," says Case, who was born in Virginia, raised in Washington and art-schooled in Vancouver. "I come from an agrarian background. That's how my family's fairy tales are structured, where animals have a lot of power. It gets into people's psyche."

Guardian columnist wonders whether the UK needs an amusement park dedicated to the work of painter John Constable.

The Perfumed Garden posts Peel sessions, and has almost a hundred available for download.

Marathonpacks offers video from one of the first Guided By Voices shows I attended.

SmartMoney profiles online DVD, CD and book swapping sites.


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